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    Strawberry Hefeweizen

    So while at my local grocers yesterday, we saw that strawberries were on a really deep discount right now. This morning my wife suggests I plop some into my hef I have that's finishing up its primary fermentation. My questions are, how much should be enough to get a strawberry flavor without...
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    Tax refund brewery expansions!

    Well here we are at February 2nd, and taxes are starting to slowly drop into peoples accounts or get sent to mailboxes near you, so what are your plans to expand your home brewing operation? With my decided upon portion of the tax return, I purchased a brewers best wort chiller, a 6 gallon...
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    Smooth and spicy India Black Ale

    Hey there, I have my brew day coming up, likely this coming Thursday, and wanted to bounce this idea off of some knowledgeable noggins. Expected OG 1.078 Expected FG 1.019 11# Pale 2-row 1.0# Rye Malt 1.5# Flaked Oats. 0.5# Cara-pils 1.25# C-60 1.0# Carafa 3 Wyeast 1056 Starter...
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    American Eisbeer Homebrew for trade.

    As an experiment my last brew day, I siphoned off 1 gallon of an American style pale mild I made for ice distillation. after 7 hours in my freezer at five degrees, I ended up with 6 12 Oz bottles of yield. I would like to keep at least 2 bottles in case it turns out well, and I'd like to enter...
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    Tasting the first beer: India Black Ale!

    Very excited to finally have my first beer finished, an India black ale. The recipe was a brewers best kit, with zythos hops. This is a very hoppy beer, with 4 and 3/4 ounces of hops. The majority was added during the boil, with 2 ounces left for the dry hopping. The beer is almost as...
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    Twisted Enkel Blonde: second brew

    Hey all, it's my second brew in the fermenter and I had a few questions. Boil went off without a hitch, used a smack pack of white labs Canadian/Belgian ale yeast and fermentation has been aggressive. Last night I pasteurized and added about 5 ounces of clover honey, which I'm hoping will...