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    Stainless Fermenter Build

    Hey guys, just thought i would share my stainless ferment-er build. One of my father's friends works for a shop that manufactures instruments for medical use. Well i was talking to him one day and showing him a conical ferment-er i was looking to buy. He ended up telling me he can build a...
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    Faucet Splitter? (2 kegs 1 faucet)

    So i've got a kegerator that i built from a mini-fridge a while back that i am looking to work on. When i built it, i assumed i was only going to use it for one keg since that's all that fit into it at the time. So i placed the faucet right in the middle of the kegerator and well, since then, i...
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    Please help me setup my kegerator!

    Okay, so i've spent/wasted my first 5 gallon batch of beer due to issues with my system. I am pretty damn frustrated as i never got to taste it carbonated. So first issue was my pin lock keg leaked, it had dents on the upper lip where the lid connects to. So then i moved onto ball lock kegs...
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    Sanke 5 gal keg $35 or trade for Corny SoCal

    I am trying to setup a kegerator so i don't need the ability to pump beer anywhere that is possible with the sanke kegs. So i am putting it up for sale or trade. I am in Buena Park, CA during the weekends and City Terrace during the weekdays.
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    I left a lot of the gunk from the boil in during ferm.

    I recently brewed my first batch of beer (sitting in fermentor for 4 days now) and simply looked over one of the steps. As soon as i cooled the wart after the 1 hour boil with hops, i rapid-cooled it and transferred it into a 6 gal bucket with the pellet hop gunk. I did not filter or remove any...
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    N2/CO2 vs CO2 tank

    Hi guys, I am currently looking to purchase a mid-size tank for my kegging setup i am building. I wondering what the difference between N2/CO2 Mixed Gas Tanks and CO2 Tanks is? The mixed gas tank also has a CGA 580 valve, will this be an issue? And can i fill a mixed gas tank with only CO2...
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    WTS/WTT 2.5# CO2 Tank Brand New - Socal

    I currently received a 2.5 lb CO2 tank in a kit i purchased. I am looking for something larger, between 10-20. If you would like to trade ( can throw in cash) let me know or its for sale for $50. I am in City Terrace during the weekdays and in Long beach/anaheim area during weekends.
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    WTB: Corny Keg, CO2 Tank, Regulator -Socal

    As title states, I am getting into brewing beer and want to start with correct materials necessary for me to succeed. If anyone has any of the listed supplies available within a 15 mile radius of Buena Park, CA of City Terrace, CA please let me know with prices. Thank you, DK
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    New member with very annoying (probably to you) questions

    Hey guys, my name is Drew and i am a complete beginner when it comes to brewing. I had a few questions with brewing beer, i am looking to start off with something affordable and simple. I know that this is not exactly the most affordable hobby, but i just do not want to be turned away because of...