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    15 gallon electric HERMS brew system Denver

    $3k firm 30 amp Ebrewsupply PID control panel with 2 elements and triclamp temp probes 15 Gallon triclamp kettles from Herms coil 2 pumps, butterfly and ball valves, triclamp hoses and clamps Stainless Table Full list of...
  2. Brew System

    Brew System

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    15 gallon electric pilot system - Denver

    $4,200 Firm I really love this system but haven't brewed on it yet. I bought it as a impulse buy about a month ago and did a water run on it but now I have bills to pay. I’m firm on the price because I rather keep it then get less for asking price. It is ready to brew. 30 amp Electric...
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    Colorado FS: 30 Gallon Electric Brew System - Denver

    TV mount for electric control panel included too
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    Sour Beer Do's and Dont's

    I think I have that same shirt in the upper left
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    Electric components

    Do you have a pic of extras
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    SSBrewtech Fermenter pitting

    Thanks for the input, are you related to Michael Fabian the Ssbrew tech support guy?
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    California Keezer

    Nice! Where did you get the struts?
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    SSBrewtech Fermenter pitting

    Good news, I used barkeepers friend and a **** ton of scrubbing with the non scratch scotch spong/scurbber part and it is beer stone. I have a couple spots I missed so I'm going to scrub it more tonight. Does anybody know how long it takes to get passivated because I need to use this tonight...
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    Pennsylvania 1bbl electric brewhouse + 27 gal fermenter | like new & expandable

    If you part out let me know how much you want for the fermenter
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    SSBrewtech Fermenter pitting

    I use a half oz for 2.5 gallons.
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    SSBrewtech Fermenter pitting

    I wasn't trying to take advantage of SSbrew tech or get something free, I wanted to ship it back and have them look at it, everything else is in great shape (the lid, fittings, gaskets). If they found it was defective steel then they could ship a new shell. I was really excited to buy this and...
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    SSBrewtech Fermenter pitting

    When I first got it I cleaned with TSP and I have only used PBW and starsan which should have passivated it. It started in the cone but is now in the cylinder part to the 11 gallon mark. I used a non scratch scotch sponge at the krausen level only. I've gone back and forth with tech support...
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    Kansas Various Homebrew Equipment (KC Area)

    What else do you have? I'll be in OP Memorial Day weekend if you have anything left I could use.
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    SSBrewtech Fermenter pitting

    Update, I did not have pitting, it was heavy beer stone with horizontal grooves that appeared to be pitting. Original post is below; I've owned this fermenter for over a year and I have pitting in the fermenter body where wort touches it only. I've contacted SSBrewtech and Michael told me I...