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    How long to boil with Bayou Classic?

    I bought one new a couple months ago and I am just geting around to using it. I am boiling some water in a new aluminum pot to condition it and it has been on for about an hour with 6 gallons of water in it. It has gotten to the point where there are small bubbles and a couple are going to the...
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    Hydrometer going all the way to .999 or less

    I just came down in the basement to siphon my Midwest Supplies SNPA clone into the keg after 17 days of fermentation. I figured it should be good to go now. I normally wait three weeks for it to ferment before kegging, but I want my weekend to be free to brew another batch. I was going...
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    Accidently boiled grains..for about 10 minutes

    What will this do to my partial grain/extract beer? It was the Austin Home Brew Wheat beer kit. Should I just throw it out? Go to a local place and get new grains? Thanks, Marc