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  1. Gumbys_Brew

    Show us your Kegerator

    Made some improvements. Wall paper removed and painted walls. Counter top also improved cabinet still a work in progress. Edit: not sure why but photo keeps getting rotated
  2. Hlt stainless coil

    Hlt stainless coil

  3. Manual herms setup

    Manual herms setup

  4. Mash tun spare arm

    Mash tun spare arm

  5. Mash tun thermometer

    Mash tun thermometer

  6. Gumbys_Brew

    Show us your Kegerator

    Decided to do a permanent install under the stairs. Need to take wall paper out from previous owner. Also need to get a new counter top.
  7. Gumbys_Brew

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Here's mine
  8. Gumbys_Brew

    beer tools 2

    I received an email about the upgrade discount back in December. It may have been filtered to your junk mail.
  9. Gumbys_Brew

    beer tools 2

    Actually it you're upgrading it only cost 13 bucks to do so. Not the full 30. Just log into beertools pros website with the information you purchased version 1.5 with and it'll give you the discount. That's what i did.
  10. Gumbys_Brew

    Show us your Kegerator

    now that's a work of art. go hawks!
  11. Gumbys_Brew

    beer tools 2

    really not all that much but they did update the graphics and added a calculator window that has different sections to calculate numerous things during a brew day. I.E. tons of different Mash calculations for sparging rates, infusion rates, strike temps, infusion rates, and a ton of other preset...
  12. Gumbys_Brew

    BeerSmith - BeerTools - Promash. - Which is best? What do you have?

    Beer tools pro is amazing and always spot on with temps, timing, and o.g. with all three setups I've had over the past 6 years. Just calibrate your equipment and you're good to go.
  13. Gumbys_Brew

    beer tools 2

    I've been using beer tools since version 1 and beer tools 2 just recently came out. It has all the great features of the previous version but with added online recipe storage along with udated and upgraded interface features. Love this program and definitely worth trying the free trial...
  14. Gumbys_Brew

    My HERMS Build

  15. Gumbys_Brew

    moving to florida

    My original post was in 2009.
  16. Gumbys_Brew

    What's your favorite glass?

    Unfortunately their defense sucked this season but still my go to glass.
  17. Gumbys_Brew

    Keggle mash tun

    I use a herms and for my recirculation return i also use the locline from the link above. It works great and also doubles as my fly sparge arm after the mash schedule is done.