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    I think less of people supporting causes that affect them

    I support worthy causes now and then. But I feel it's very disingenuous when people solicit money for causes that affect them. For example, I've given money for breast cancer research, even run in races for the cause. But when I find that someone raising money for it is a breast cancer survivor...
  2. K

    The one thing in Furious 7 that pissed me off

    When Deckard Shaw breaks into The Rock's DSS office, and The Rock confronts him, Deckard Shaw says, "Like I said, I'm here for the team that crippled my brother." Except that was the first time he said it. So, "like I said" makes no sense. Probably an editing error, but still pretty glaring...
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    The topic: Tom Cruise movies in which he does NOT ride a motorcycle

    I'll go first: Rock of Ages.
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    Idea for Cleaning Kegerator and Keezer Taps and Lines

    Hey guys. I submitted this content as an article, but it was a little too short to warrant a full article. So I decided to share it here, in case it's still helpful to anyone else. I apologize for not being able to embed the images inline with the post, they're all gathered at the bottom...
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    You know what's cool?

    There's something awesome about getting blitzed entirely on beer you brewed yourself.
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    Anyone here from Buffalo, NY?

    Hey guys, I know I already have another thread about a trip to Boston in September, but as it happens I'm also heading to Buffalo at the end of July with some friends. Since it's also my birthday weekend, they've invited me to pick the restaurant. One of my friends had the following 2...
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    Let's see inside your boil kettle!

    As I was cleaning my boil kettle today after a brew (Cottage House Saison), I wondered how much effort people put into keeping their boil kettle spic-and-span. I like to think I keep mine pretty clean. Am I normal, or an outlier? I thought it might be fun to start a thread for people to share...
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    Any Bostonians here?

    Hey guys, I'm planning a quick weekend trip to Boston with my wife this fall, and I was wondering if any locals had any recommendations for "must-see" sights, or particularly good restaurants. My wife loves seafood; me, not so much, so somewhere with a good mix of both would be preferred...
  9. K

    Can this be anything other than Star San?

    I brewed an English Pale Ale this morning. The yeast was a repitch of S-04 harvested from an Amber Ale batch. Krausen is already forming and the airlock is popping. But I've got this weird stratification If anyone else posted this, I'd say, "Yup, that's Star San." But in this case, that's...
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    Cutthroat Kitchen is stupid

    Is anyone familiar with this show? It's on Food Network and hosted by Alton Brown. They invite 4 chefs onto the show and give them each $25,000 with which they can bid on "sabotages" that Alton offers them during each cooking challenge. The winning bidder can basically handicap their...
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    A/V experts: What's this called?

    I'm looking for a minijack splitter that can plug into a jack that has both microphone and headphone channels (such as the jack on a cell phone) and splits the channels into two separate jacks, so that I can plug an earbud into one, and a dedicated microphone into the other. Does such a...
  12. K

    Mash pH was 5.9. Is that realistic?

    Motivated by the posts emphasizing mash pH and water quality, I've begun taking my water a little more seriously. Last year, I bought a pH meter, (this one) but never really used it. I tried it a couple of times with plain tap water, and I was getting weird readings (pretty sure my tap water's...
  13. K

    Which yeast for fruity character? Notty or US-04?

    I'm brewing a Pale Ale with a buddy of mine this weekend, and we'd like to maximize the "fruity" character of the beer. Which yeast would be most appropriate for a fruity pale ale: US-04 or Nottingham? Any other suggestions or comments?
  14. K

    Anyone ever used Lublin hops?

    I'm brewing a Baltic Porter tomorrow, and I'm planning on using the recipe from Brewing Classic Styles. However, I've not been able to source the Lublin hops required by the recipe. I've done a little research, and apparently you can use Saaz hops as a substitute. Is this an OK substitution...
  15. K

    Brewing an American Lager - Can we talk about this like civilized adults?

    I'm considering trying to brew either an American Lager or an American Light Lager. I don't want this thread to become a debate over the merits of the style, or "why on Earth would you do that?" I want to, to see if I can. Yes, it may be cheaper where you are to just buy a 12-pack of PBR and...
  16. K

    Why doesn't this exist?

    I'm trying to put together something to clean my kegerator lines and taps. I know most people will just fill a keg with cleaner and push it through with CO2, but I have 2 Chugger pumps and want to use one of them instead, and save the CO2. I'm trying to construct a silicone tubing that's...
  17. K

    Did your alcohol tolerence change around 40?

    I turned 40 last year, and in the past couple of years, I've noticed changes to the way my body handles alcohol. In my younger years, I could put away 8-10 beers in an evening, and if I cut myself off early enough (midnight) and drank enough water, I'd sleep through the night and wake up a...
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    How do you measure wort pH during sparging?

    A few months ago, I bought an electronic pH meter to measure my wort pH. I used to batch sparge, but lately I've started trying my hand at fly sparging. I've never measured my wort pH, and would like to put my fancy new $100 pH meter to work. My concern, however, is that the instructions...
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    Passed the BJCP Online Entrance Exam

    I took and passed the BJCP Online Entrance Exam this weekend (first try - I should have been more confident. I purchased the $20 "3-attempt" package). I'm also signed up to take the tasting exam in March. I was under the impression that the style guidelines would be provided/accessible to...
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    Who poops at work?

    As I'm sure we all know, you can manipulate your "schedule." I've arranged my schedule such that my "me time" occurs at around 8:00 am every day. I get to work at 7:00 am. That means my "me time" occurs at work, every weekday. I know some bosses disapprove of this, but in my opinion, if...