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    the Perfect Semi-Sweet Cider Recipe

    This is for a semi-sweet cider, around 7-8.5% ABV. This is different (and better in my opinion) than the dry white-wine style “cider” that folks often make. Ingredients -5 gallons apple cider. Raw(fresh and untreated) from a local orchard is best. Pasteurized/UV treated is...
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    Another good apple year in New England

    Well, much to my relief, the apples in my area flourished even with some weird weather this year- the hurricane, a fall heat wave, excessive rain, etc. I just picked up 60 gallons of fresh pressed cider, directly from the farm. Unpasteurized, unpreserved, just as nature intended, for $2.75...
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    Cherry Wheatish

    I wanted to do an extract batch of a cherry wheat, but i have a ton of Light LME and no Wheat LME so I'm trying to come up with something that could pass as cherry wheat to my non expert friends. (in the sense that it would be cloudy, semi-sweet etc) how do you think this would be: 6.5 lbs...
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    Northeast- great year for apples!

    For anyone who is in Northern New England, it's a great time to buy cider in bulk. I picked up 60 gallons yesterday from Apple Acres in Hiram Maine. $2.25 a gallon, and its super dark and sweet right now. (and unpasteurized as always) 'round here, in the earlier part of the seasan the cider is...
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    which temp reading is right?

    My Fermometer strips that i have on my carboys and bucket fermenters constantly read a few degrees lower than the other thermometers in the room. That doesn't make sense, especially considering active fermentation should add a few degrees. Is it possible the liquids are really staying at a...
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    wine bottle sediment/storage

    how long should/can i keep newly bottled wine upright? i bottled a couple fruit wines and meads that looked clear. i gave them a day or two upright to work out the trapped oxygen past the cork. they have been on the sides for a couple months now, and there is a line of sediment running up the...
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    Fermenting Cider with Preservatives

    I know most people say you cant ferment cider that has potassium sorbate in it, as it will inhibit yeast reproduction. However, I'm sick of paying $6.50/ gallon and driving to the orchard to get fresh unpreserved cider, not to mention being limited to only getting it a few months of the year...
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    Plumb Cider with Brown Sugar

    I made my first wine yesterday (other than a dozen ciders and meads). It was a Vintners Harvest Fruit Wine Base- Plum. It called for 11 lbs table sugar, but I didnt have 11 lbs table sugar, so I used the following: -5 lbs white table sugar -2 lbs dark brown sugar -2 lbs light brown sugar -1...
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    #1 PET water bottles deal

    there are a lot of threads on here about using water bottles as fermenters, so i wanted to make a recommendation after looking at a bunch of stores locally, including Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and multiple grocery stores, the only 5 gallon water bottles i could find were #7s which...
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    Campden and sulties interchangeable?

    I have about a dozen assorted melomels and ciders under my belt (including many that arent done) but I am about to try my first fruit wine. I have a Vintner's Plum Wine Base on its way from AHS. I am reading through the instructions online, and it mentions bisulphite multiple times. I dont...
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    American Pale ale with S04?

    I was about to brew an "American Ale" (pale ale) kit from when i realized I had Safale S04, which is an English ale yeast. Even though morebeer recommended that yeast for the kit, I know US-05 american ale yeast would be better for what i want. My question is, how much difference...
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    Oxidation issue when racking to a 6.5g?

    I know it is pretty unorthodox, but after it had fermented down to 1.008, I racked my 5 gallon batch of pear/apple cider to a 6.5 gallon bucket. I knew i was going to be adding multiple pounds of fresh pear so i needed the room. I figured the fresh pears would begin to ferment somewhat...
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    Mead OG

    created my first batch of mead yesterday, but like an idiot i forgot to take an og reading. will someone please help me estimate the OG? i used 8 lbs honey in 3 gallon batch. (added some navel oranges for flavor too). OG estimates? thanks
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    Canned Pears for pear cider

    seeing how the only actual pear juice i can find is $2.50 per 32 oz in the baby section at the super market, does anyone see a problem with using a blender to liquify a few cans of pears for added flavor? i was thinking of using 4 32oz cans of pears in heavy syrup (for higher abv) per 5...
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    Home brew destroyed my cell phone

    this sucks. :mad: i just dropped my cell phone into a pint of my Oktoberfest. of course it is fried. beer is bad for livers and for electronics. although the phone is replaceable, my liver - not so much. cant wait to see how much Verizon whacks me for a new one.
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    air lock water into fermenter

    I think i may have just wasted a 5 gallon batch of Apfelwein/cider. after letting it sit in the primary at room temp for 5 weeks, i moved it to the fridge to cold crash and help clearing. i left the blowoff attached to the carboy. apparently because the cold made the volume of the cider...
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    IKEA swing top bottles

    About six months ago i picked up a few 32 oz clear swing top bottles at IKEA for $2 a piece! i would have picked up more but i wasnt sure they would be able to withstand carb pressure. well the bottles have worked out tremendously. i went back to get a bunch more yesterday and i didnt see...
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    Sanitizing bottles with labels

    I usually keg, however my kegerator only holds one at a time so bottling I will be bottling this weekend. I will be using a lot of commercial bottles, most of which still have the labels on them. From the few I have removed, it seems so time consuming to remove all the labels. Is it...
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    Custom tap handle

    other than a clear plastic cone, i cant find any tap handles to buy that can be integrated with your own logo/image. does anyone have instructions on how to make a wooden tap handle that you can laminate a label on to or something of that nature?
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    Fermentation without airlock activity

    This is my second brew ever- a partial Mash Guinness Clone from LHBS. Pitched the yeast at 76F, OG was 1.044. It is in my brand new primary fermenter with the lid on tighly and water in the airlock and the airlock is fit tightly into the gromet. After 5 days or so I have not had any action...