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    Potosi brewery

    Yes I have been there. I was up there about a year ago, very nice place and yes they do kick it up a bit. Potosi, when I was there is going to start to bottle and market to the state of Wis. this summer.
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    Need a new SWMBO dammit!

    I have been done that road also before. They just seem to go off the deep end now and then. I hope things will work out, but if there is stress between you and the women, the kids will see it.
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    Vanilla porter

    I used one tap for each 12 oz. bottle. i guess I'll just keep them and see how it goes, maybe they will carb with time. I hate to dump them out.
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    Vanilla porter

    Havent tried the kegs yet.
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    Vanilla porter

    I tried a bottle yesturday, and no fiss yet. The question I have is does it just need more time? I used carb tablets and it has been in the bottles for 2-3 weeks now. I have never used the tablets before. Usually i use priming sugar for the whole batch but this time I kegged in 5L cans and then...
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    Using apples

    Yes, maybe. I just have never had any beer that had apples in it. I know, I know it is a fruit beer, but they are going to be bad in alittle while. I can always give them to my hunting dogs they will eat anything.
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    Potosi brewery

    I took a road trip from Iowa to Potosi Brewey and Resrtuant in Potosi Wis. I had a great time, great beer and great food. The ABA National Brewery Museum is also there which is nice to good thru. The brewery is only kegging right now but is moving up to selling there beer to other venues and...
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    wood barrels

    Is there a good source for wood barrels to buy? I am playing around the idea to try and maybe make a batch of beer in one. Any good ideas out there for doing this?
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    Using apples

    I just havent seen alot of these on the posts. I have a ton of apples left over from a kids school fundraiser. And what better way to use them up, in a homebrew idea.
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    What hops do I need?

    I would like to try 2 or 3 different kinds.
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    What hops do I need?

    I want to start growing some of my own. I brew mostly ales, so what kinds do you recommend?
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    SWMBO Put My Beer In Her Laundry Basket

    I think I would say thankyou, drink it, and be fortunate that she would do it for you. It's also great that she doesn't mind your hobby.
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    Using apples

    Has anybody made any kind of brew using apples in the secondary?
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    Smells great

    Just finished bottling my vanilla porter. Smells great. I used whole beans instead of extract.
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    Oxygen bottle Vs Air pump

    I would like to start doing this myself. Do you need to buy a stainless stone or can I use a regular one for a fish tank?
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    5 liter kegs

    The top bung that I have is gray with a plastic insert in it.
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    5 liter kegs

    Yes I have the kind with a red key in the side towards the bottom. I think if I put a small Co2 dispenser in the top then use the bottom to pour the beer from. Can you always reuse the bottom spout?
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    5 liter kegs

    I got a mini Co2 dispenser with my kegs that should help.
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    Bucket vs. Carboy

    I am also going with the bucket know. I had a blowoff with the last batch and it cracked my glass carboy. So the price to replace the carboy, I can get almost two buckets. And yes the buckets are alot easier to clean.
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    SWMBO hobbies?

    I wish mine had hobbies. Other then the games on the computer.