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  1. Rhymenoceros

    1.5 L pop top

    I have a 1.5 L pop top Grolsch bottle and I was wondering if it was safe to bottle my beer in.
  2. Rhymenoceros

    Extract oatmeal stout?

    Can you do an extract oatmeal stout? and if so does any one know a good recipe?
  3. Rhymenoceros

    Any one know a good oatmeal stout recipe?

    Does any one know a tried and true oatmeal stout recipe? This will be my first attempt at a stout. The plan is to have if for when the weather starts turning.
  4. Rhymenoceros

    are these hops still good?

    So, I opened some hop pellets and now they have been sitting in a ziplock bag in the fridge for a month or two, are they still good?
  5. Rhymenoceros

    looking for a good wheat recipie

    American or Belgian, something good for the summer
  6. Rhymenoceros

    Altitude and Specific Gravity

    With all of that being said. Grab some distilled water and calibrate your hydrometer. The most important thing though RDWHAHB
  7. Rhymenoceros

    looking for a good wheat recipie

    I'm looking for a simple, but delicious wheat recipe, any good ones you can suggest are appreciated. Thank you
  8. Rhymenoceros

    So I have 5 gallons of apple juice, any good recipes?

    I have 5 gallons of apfelwein aging in the closet, but I wanted something more like a cider than a wine
  9. Rhymenoceros

    So I have 5 gallons of apple juice, any good recipes?

    So I have 5 gallons of apple juice and an empty carboy. I want to make a cider, but last time I tried to make a cider (5 gallons of apple juice and 3 lbs DME and a dry ale yeast. I heated 1/2 gallon of the juice to like 180* and dissolved the DME in that) it turned out really sour when I bottled...
  10. Rhymenoceros

    Modified apfelwein tastes sour?

    I brewed it the very beginning of April. I was hoping age would make it better.
  11. Rhymenoceros

    Modified apfelwein tastes sour?

    So I made a modified version of some apfelwein: 5 gallons apple juice 3 lbs DME 1 packet of safale US-05 I heated half a gallon of the apple juice to about 180* to dissolve the DME I just bottled it today, and when I tasted the left overs it tasted sour. Is that an infection, or just...
  12. Rhymenoceros

    Dishwasher or oven to sanitize bottles?

    Should I use the oven or dishwasher to sanitize my bottles? If the oven, how long and how hot? Or should I just use star san? -Thanks
  13. Rhymenoceros

    My Pale Ale tastes kind of like soap.

    I left in primary for maybe a month I think, then I racked it to secondary. It was in secondary for probably another month due to a busy schedule. Racking didn't go that well so I may have racked up some trub too. But the amber ale I mentioned that had a bit of the same taste was only in primary...
  14. Rhymenoceros

    My Pale Ale tastes kind of like soap.

    The new Pale Ale I brewed tastes almost like soap, granted, the best soap I've ever tasted but still... I had an amber ale that tasted a bit like soap too, not as much, but they both had cascade hops, so its either the hops, or my technique. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Heres a...
  15. Rhymenoceros

    DME in Apfelwein?

    I wasnt thinking boil, just heating to like 180
  16. Rhymenoceros

    DME in Apfelwein?

    Has anyone used DME instead of corn sugar for apfelwein? I went to the LHBS today and decided to get DME and safale US-05 to go with the apple juice, what do you think? and how much DME do you think? would heating up some of the apple juice and dissolving the DME in that work? Thank you
  17. Rhymenoceros

    Dry Yeast Starter Question

    don't mess with a starter with dry yeast, I've never heard of any one doing it, just re hydrating. I have heard of people just pitching 2 packets though. p.s. I could be wrong, Im still new at this.
  18. Rhymenoceros

    Super Banana and clove flavor

    I did make a starter, and I don't think I under pitched. Because it was a small batch I made a starter with a whole packet of yeast and pitched about 1/4 of it. My understanding (this could be wrong) is that lower temps. would give me more clove and higher t. would give me more banana, but I...
  19. Rhymenoceros

    Super Banana and clove flavor

    So I brewed up a 3/4 gallon batch of a wheat beer that used chocolate malt :ban:. I used WLP 380 (I'm not entirely sure what temperature it was at because I didn't have a thermometer on the jug I was using) and I got a ridiculous amount of banana and clove :ban:. So I was wondering if there was...
  20. Rhymenoceros

    3/4 gallon experiments?

    I've never used it, so I couldn't tell you, but based on the experience with this beer, careful with the yeast.