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    Lactic acid vs Acetic acid profile

    Did my first batch of Kombucha yesterday and there's already visible results from the 1 gallon jar, but I had a few questions. Is it possible to get lactic acid profile from Kombucha? I really enjoy brewing sour beers and wanted to know if that sort of tartness can be achieved with Kombucha...
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    Pellicle in sour mash starter or something else?

    36 hours in and I got this slimy goo as you can see in the pictures and the PH didn't drop at all with 2 cups of unmilled pilsner malt. Set the PH to 4.4 with lactic acid as well. We'll see how this batch goes for Sundays real brew day. I couldn't tell if it was a pellicle trying to form under...
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    Real Ale Hans Pils

    Has anyone seen a recipe for Real Ale's Hans Pils? I absolutely love this brew and wanted to do a clone of it, but can't seem to find a recipe for it anywhere. I emailed them directly, but I doubt they will give any information on it out, but we'll see.
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    When to start diacetyl rest for lager

    Pitched Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager yeast at 60 degrees this past Saturday evening for a German Pilsner. The OG was 1.052, the gravity reading as of Wednesday was 1.010. I brought the temp down to 50 on Sunday evening. So my question you folks is when should I do a diacetyl rest at 62 for two...
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    Founders is here!

    Picked up a six pack of the Founders Scotch ale and IPA at the local HEB here in Austin. I can't wait to get my hands on the Breakfast stout this fall. I still haven't been able to find the porter yet. Let me know if you see any other offerings from them in your neck of the woods. :mug:
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    Corny Keg - Ball Lock - Austin, Texas

    Howdy all, I'm looking for ball lock corny kegs around the Austin area. I'm interested in 2-3 kegs. :mug:
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    Texas - Looking for an All Grain setup

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for an all grain setup in or around Austin, Texas. I have plenty of kegging equipment for my beer, but want to move from mini-mash to all grain. Things I'm looking for include - 10-15 gallon boil kettle, mash tun (10 gal), HLT (10 gallon), and any stand(s)...
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    Whiskey Barrel Aging

    So I picked up a 5 gallon Balcones Blue Corn Whiskey barrel. I added some Rye whiskey to it and shook it around and then added my fully fermented Rye stout to it. I actually had the rye stout on 10psi of Co2 for about 5 days before transferring it to the barrel. So my question is - how...
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    Buying local Corny (Cornelius) kegs in Austin

    Looking to buy corny kegs here in Austin, Texas. I'm not looking to ship them here due to the high shipping costs of them. Thanks for looking!