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    Why not 2! /Stirplates

    Thanks stirplate thread! This site is amazing. First I build a Brutus ten, then a keezer with 7 taps, then a stir plate. It just keeps getting worse. Because of the stirplate thread. I went to northern tool and bought 2 - 4.75 inch muffin fans, 12volt. I went to make my stirplate after...
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    PID for a Keezer?

    I have a 15cu chest freezer for my keezer. Also, I bought a cheap tet612 PID controller thinking it will control my temp. Does anyone have a wiring diagram to hook it up and does this need a solid state relay to work the compressor. I am familiar with Love controllers but not this PID. What...
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    Brutus Ten Sparging setup?

    I'm new to all grain but am entering this new realm with an almost complete Brutus Ten. My question relates to sparging. I am set up for recirculation, do you guys have a fly sparge gadget (SS fly sparger from a homebrew supplier)like on Lonnie Macs website or do you recirculate...