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    New beer lines, funny taste in beer.

    I had been using a picnic tap in my kegerator just until I had time to replace my beer lines and get my taps going again. I just sanitized and installed all new liquid lines, and cleaned my taps and shanks. Now my beer tastes harsh and bitter, it tasted fine with the picnic tap, I've pulled...
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    mash efficiency problem.

    I've been brewing all grain for a few years now and I have about 15 brews under my belt. Every one of those beers has come up short in the OG dept. I use a rectangular cooler with the stainless water line braid, and I batch sparge. I crush my own grain the day of, and usually hit my mash temp...
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    What style would my recipe fall under?

    I'm brewing this recipe this weekend. 10 lbs 2-row 1 lb rye malt .5lb c-60 .5 galena 60 min .5 centennial 10 min .5 cascade flame out wlp001 Not that I really care what style it is, but just to give it a name (if it turns out worthy of one) what style would this fall...
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    Thoughts on American brown ale recipe

    Never made a brown ale before, and I'm trying to build a recipe on my own for one. Any thoughts, suggestions on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 10 lb 2 row 1.5 brown .5 roasted barley .5 smoked malt .25 crystal 60 .25 wheat 1 oz cascade 60 min 1 oz willamette 30 min...
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    Deep fryer brewing?

    I work for a commercial kitchen supplier, we deal with all kinds of restaurant equipment. I was looking at a commercial deep fryer one day and thought "man, this might be good for brewing beer". Has anyone heard of someone actually doing this? or if it would be practical?
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    Will my recipe be too roasty for the style?

    I'm just starting out making my own recipes, and I want to brew a better CDA, Black IPA, (whatever you like to call it). The one I just kegged doesn't taste like I wanted, but it's still drinkable and still needs some time to mature I believe. I made another recipe, and I just wanted some advice...
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    Amarillo hops! where are you?

    Does anyone know whats up with the shortage of amarillo hops? Also, does anyone know when they might be more readily available again?
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    Belgian Black IPA?

    Anyone ever brewed a Belgian Black IPA? I have a black IPA recipe that I would like to ferment with a Belgian yeast, but I wanted to get some insight from someone who has done one before I delve in.
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    co2 pressure

    Last night I hooked up my c02 to my keg, set my desired pressure, checked for leaks, and stuck it in the kegerator to carbonate. This morning I get up and check it out and the pressure was was at 5 instead of 11, does this mean the beer absorbed the pressure, or do I have a leak?
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    No C02

    So, I kegged my first stout (also my first kegging attempt). I racked it into the keg closed it up, and put it in the keg to cool before carbonating. Problem is, I had no co2 to purge the air out with, but i did pull the purge valve about 6 times over a 2 day period and some gas came out. I had...
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    forgot to mash out.

    Did my second ag batch yesterday, also my first porter. Problem is, I just realized that I never actually mashed out, I just recirculated my first running then, started sparging. I know that one of the purposes of the mash out is to stop starch degrading enzymes, is this gonna create a problem?
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    I've just been asked by a friend if I could brew some beer for their wedding reception. I accepted, but I dont want to bottle it, and i don't have kegging equipment, so i was thinking about cask conditioning it. Does anyone know where i can buy a cask?
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    Yeast starter from reserved wort?

    Hey I'm new here, I just did my first all grain after about 6 extract and mini mash batches, I saved about a quart of the wort after the boil planning on using it to make a yeast starter with the yeast from the currently fermaenting batch, my question is, will that wort be okay to use after 2...