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    Kombucha/NA beer and blood thinners(aspirin)

    My wife has recently been put on aspirin so isn't really supposed to drink alcohol. I make a decent amount of kombucha and am also looking into making very low alc (<0.5%) beer with similar levels to kombucha. Anyone on here have insights or experience on drinking kombucha while on aspirin or...
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    Sorghum, rice syrup & oatmilk NEIPA

    Hi everyone! My wife recently has gone gluten free and loves IPAs, so I'm planning my first gluten free one after combing through this forum awhile. I've been brewing all grain for a long time, but decided to try at least one extract here first as I dip into GF. My plan is roughly 70/20/10 mix...
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    North Carolina 115V Chugger Pump - $80

    115V chugger pump with plastic head, works well, shipping from 27614 in Raleigh
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    Carboy CO2 Transfer

    I've seen a lot of people detail using the orange carboy caps with co2 hooked up on one piece and then a siphon coming out the other which goes to liquid post of a keg, and then just pull the relief valve on the keg for filling. I've hooked it all up but I can't quite the beer to start...
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    Homebrew logo

    Anyone out there up for a homebrew logo design? Might have a couple things that need done in the near future as well. Have no idea how prices work for this sort of thing but was hoping to be around $30. Don't need anything super fancy First thing is a gift so don't want to really post...
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    North Carolina 6 gallon 2 port brew kettle with brewmometer, false bottom & valve

    6 gallon stainless 2 welded ports brew kettle with brewmometer, false bottom & stainless ball valve - $70 Will ship at cost, located in Raleigh (27614)
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    North Carolina Bottle tree - $15

    Red bottle tree, great condition - $15 Will ship at cost
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    North Carolina 25' copper wort chiller & 6 gallon kettle with brewmometer and false bottom

    25' copper wort chiller with hose/barb connections - $30 6 gallon kettle with false bottom, ball valve, and blichmann brewmometer - $70 Will ship for cost plus cost of shipping
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    North Carolina Co2 regulator, 5lb co2 tank, 6g kettle w/ brewmometer

    In Raleigh, NC Tank and regulator sold 6 gallon brew kettle with a ball valve and blichmann brewmometer - $60 Also have 25' copper wort chiller with garden hose/barb connections - $30 Will ship at cost + cost of shipping
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    100% Brett (ecy34 dirty dozen) golden ale

    I've done a lot of looking into 100% primary with brett dirty dozen and haven't seen a ton so I'll document brewing this and how it turns out. Going to brew Sunday, have a 1.5L starter going with dirty dozen dated 1/31/16, also tossed in some dregs from smuttynose smut labs daily brett. I got a...
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    Cold crash starter at high krausen?

    I've read a ton of debate between pitching a starter at high krausen or letting it finish out then cold crashing the night before or whenever and decanting. I'm wondering - because I am using the Brulosophy method of yeast harvesting which I'll do and crash tonight and pitch it tomorrow - my...
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    Temp drop from HLT to MT - difficulty with mash temps

    I imagine this will just end up being a trial/error solution, but I thought I'd see if anyone had some thoughts/intel on this issue. I just recently put together a cooler HLT with a controller electric heater (love it btw, highly suggested!) Generally I heat the water up around 163-168...
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    Raspberry Honey Wheat

    Trying out a raspberry honey wheat recipe from Beersmith, I brewed it yesterday, just thought I would share it and the results since it involves both honey & fruit which are much debated topics Amt Name Type # %/IBU 8.0 oz Rice Hulls (0.0 SRM) Adjunct 1 5.3 % 3 lbs 4.0 oz Pale Malt (2...
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    Dry hopping cider that will sit for 6 months

    I'm pitching a cider tomorrow with Wyeast 3711 and plan on leaving it for 5-6 months. I'd like to give dry hopping a shot as well, any recommendations on when to do that dry hopping? Right after fermentation ends for a few days or right towards the end of letting it sit, close to bottling?
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    North Carolina March 809 pump - $115

    Pump is in good condition, cleaned after runs with boiling water run through. Was mounted on a stand so wires need a plug attached to them (unless you just want to mount it again) $115 + shipping, will be from 27616 if you want to estimate cost Can meet in the RDU area, feel free to text...
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    North Carolina 5 gallon glass carboy - $30

    5 gallon glass carboy for $30, no scratches/issues I'm in Raleigh/Durham area, going to stay away from shipping on this one
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    How to proceed with old lager yeast

    Read through all the threads I could find about underpitching lager yeast and couldn't quite find the answer I was looking for. I have an old (end of June) WLP838 vial for an Oktoberfest, I made a gallon starter for it but the strip of healthy yeast appears pretty thin and I know lagers need...
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    Kevin Ockert brewing books

    Looking for the following 3 books: 1) Ockert, Kevin; “Raw Materials and Brewhouse Operations: MBAA Practical Handbook for the Specialty Brewer” Master Brewers Association of the Americas, 2006. (ISBN: 0977051919) 2) Ockert, Kevin; “Fermentation, Cellaring, and Packaging Operations: MBAA...
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    Harvesting Yeast & Starting - for tomorrow?

    Couldn't find anything on here that directly addressed my question-> I am planning to harvest yeast out of a primary fermentation today that I'm switching to secondary, it took a few days longer than expected and I was planning on making the exact same beer tomorrow. If I still want to...
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    North Carolina Kegbot system - $150

    The Kegbot system for your kegerator at home, it tracks how much you have left and also can do things like take pictures, post them, etc. etc. I got this brand new a couple months but haven't gotten around to setting up the database for it and don't anticipate doing...