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    popping the question, how did you do it?

    So, I've just been wondering if anyone has any stories on how they asked their swmbo to marry them, or visa versa. I'm contemplating asking soon myself (fairly certain of it actually) and just wanted to see how it happened for you guys. :) Lagz0r
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    Indianapolis Craft Brewpubs??

    So I'm meeting up with my girlfriend and her family in Indoanapolis, andI was wondering if anyone here, knew of any good brewpubs or anything while i'm there? Cheers
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    Infected beer - can I drink?

    So a few weeks back now I bottled a chilli beer I had experimented with. There was a clear skin on top of the brew with some whitish bubbles. I wasn't sure at the time if it was an infection so I went ahead and bottled it as I normally would. Now it has developed the same bubbles and skin...
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    Happy New Year

    Well It's new years eve here now and I thought I would wish all you guys a happy (and a hoppy) new year. Best of luck for the new year. :D
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    Wheel of Time Series....?

    But seriously, is anyone else sick of waiting for the last book to come out? I just wanna read it now damnit!! what are peoples opinions on how Brandon Sanderson is going with finishing off the series?