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    Quick help needed on a starter

    Hi all, I have not posted here in some time. I am doing a stout this time and using a starter on the yeast this time. I got the kit from B3 and needed to add some stuff to reach the free shipping -- doesn't it make sense to have more stuff than to pay for shipping? :rockin: This is my first...
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    Over active yeast

    I am not an old timer here, I have my 4th batch in the 2nd'ary now. My first 3 batches were in the primary for 4-6 days when I racked to a 2nd'ary where there was very little activity for the next 2-3 days after which the beer just started clearing up. This batch of Irish Red seems like it will...
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    Extract Kit Differences & Suggestions

    I have been looking at several Internet based brew shops with extract kits that include your malt, hops, steeping grains, and yeast and comparing them. I found an interesting site at They tell you what is in kit, I like that a lot! I have seen kits that included 6 lbs of...
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    My 2nd kit beer brew

    I just did my 2nd brew of a kit beer. This one was a Robust Ultimate Porter. It came with 8lbs of malt extract and a load of seeping grains. I topped up the fermenter to 5gal and stole a sample for my sample jar. The OG was 1.088. That sounds awful high since my last brew had a OG of 1.042. The...
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    Secondary - but not a carboy

    I read all the time that you should use a secondary glass carboy, but not sure why it has to be glass. If it's OK to leave the wort in the primary for 2 weeks and then rack to a bottling bucket, why could you not leave the wort in the primary for a week and rack to a secondary plastic bucket for...
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    Iodophor vs Star San ??

    I am getting ready to make a purchase and I want to either get Iodophor or Star San and I would like to know the choice of those out there who know more than me. I understand Iodophor is iodine and it stains, but what other pros and cons are there and is there a clear advantage of one over the...
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    1st brew - what to expect

    I made my 1st batch last week and after 10 days in the fermenter I bottled last Saturday. I couldn't wait any longer to try one so I chilled down a bottle and gave a test. I used a malt extract, hop pellets, seeped grain for color and followed the directions. The OG was 1.041 and the ending was...
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    Newbie Beer Kit Question

    Just found this forum today. I can tell much is way over my head. I bought a "kit" from that came with 2 6 gal buckets, sanitizer, spoon, two books, and a "Kit" that makes the beer. I got the Northface Nutbrown kit. I read here that many say to avoid kits and buy the...