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  1. scottm1

    Beer in air lock what to do?

    So I assumed that my beer had reached a point to lager it... How ever after I transferred to a secondary it exploded and a very active fermentation started . When I opened the primary bucket I saw that the krausen had fallen and that a white layer of co2 had taken its place. So I transferred...
  2. scottm1

    First all grain in the books!

    Hi all did my first all grain brew to day and I'm wandering how to calculate my efficiency . Any one know a good calculator ?
  3. scottm1

    Montrachet yeast

    Has anyone used Montrachet yeast to make hard cider? Will it work? Thanks for your input and advice.
  4. scottm1

    Wort chiller question

    How do you clean your wort chiller?
  5. scottm1

    Brew pot

    Hi all just wondering if anyone here has purchased and use a tall boy brew pot. Looking to buy one myself. And hoping for some good feedback on them. Thanks
  6. scottm1

    Cold crashing lager yeast question

    Hi all I did a wyeast 2124 Bavarian lager starter on a stir plate 2 days ago. And cold crashed it in the fridge. However it's busy lagering away now it's a 1L starter. I'm wondering if there is a different method for cold crashing a larger yeast? As this on just isn't settling anytime soon...
  7. scottm1


    What's a good yeast for an English IPa?
  8. scottm1

    Updated Dopplebock recipe

    Here is the revised recipe for my extract Dopplebock . Please feel free to comment and critique. O.G. @ 1.099 / F.G. @ 1.020 Ibu's @ 17.44 / Color @ 11.68 SRM 1lb. Caramunich malt 14.5lbs. Munich lme 1oz. Hallertuar hops 3 white lab #833 for 3L starter 3 stage lagering . Thanks for your input.
  9. scottm1

    Recipe critique

    Hi all, this is a recipe for a extract Dopplebock. I would like any and all advice for improvement on this.thanks for your input... O.G @ 1.099 est./F.G. @ 1.019 est. IBU'S @20.0. [email protected] 19,5 SRM. 1LB. Special B Malt steep 30min @ 155f 15 Lbs. Pilsner lme boil 60mins. 5 oz...
  10. scottm1

    Oops! Stir bar in primary!

    Had a great brew day except for that. Made a Belgian specialty ale using a all wheat base. And a single hop schedule of hallertuar hop schedule. Sg at 1.060. What fun!
  11. scottm1

    Yeast starters

    What's the best method for starting yeast using dime and a stir plate?
  12. scottm1

    Lagering steps?

    Hi this is my first attempt at a lager. I have a fermentation chamber that is controlled by a stc1000 that is set up to heat or cool as necessary. My question is what are the steps. I'm a little confused on temp time ect. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. scottm1

    Temp control

    What's the best way to get an accurate reading with a stc 1000 controller? In a container of water or just using air temp of the chamber? Thanks for your replies.
  14. scottm1

    Help needed on temp controller

    Hi all just received a temp controller model number mh 1210. I need to know a wiring diagram for it. It has a 6 terminals to connect to. Any help would be great thanks. It is a farenheight version of the stc 1000.
  15. scottm1

    First attempt to lager

    Hi all, I've never lagered before so I'm looking for any advice/techniques including recipes I don't have a all grain set up. Just extracts for now. Thanks for your replies. Cheers
  16. scottm1

    Fermentation chamber

    Hi I'm just wondering if I should install a foam pad on the floor of my chest freezer that I've made into a fermentation chamber. Thanks for your replies.
  17. scottm1

    Fermentation temp

    Hi I have a autumn red ale in the primary and the room temp went to 80 today so my wort temp jumped as well for about 16 hours, I moved the fermenter to my basement and now it's sitting at a temp of 68. The thermometer on the the bucket says it's at 78. I'm wondering if I hurt the ale any by...
  18. scottm1

    Brew app

    What's a good recipe/ brewing ap to get ?
  19. scottm1

    Autumn red ale kit

    I was just wondering if any one had any suggestions on how to improve on this kit? Thanks in advance.
  20. scottm1

    Autumn Amber ale kit any suggestions for improvement

    Getting ready to brew a batch of this kit are there any suggestions for improvement?