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    15 gallon electric HERMS brew system Denver

    $3k firm 30 amp Ebrewsupply PID control panel with 2 elements and triclamp temp probes 15 Gallon triclamp kettles from Herms coil 2 pumps, butterfly and ball valves, triclamp hoses and clamps Stainless Table Full list of...
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    15 gallon electric pilot system - Denver

    $4,200 Firm I really love this system but haven't brewed on it yet. I bought it as a impulse buy about a month ago and did a water run on it but now I have bills to pay. I’m firm on the price because I rather keep it then get less for asking price. It is ready to brew. 30 amp Electric...
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    SSBrewtech Fermenter pitting

    Update, I did not have pitting, it was heavy beer stone with horizontal grooves that appeared to be pitting. Original post is below; I've owned this fermenter for over a year and I have pitting in the fermenter body where wort touches it only. I've contacted SSBrewtech and Michael told me I...
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    Open a brewery by another brewery

    Is it ok to open a brewery a few buildings down from another one?
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    Wiring, conduit and gfci questions

    I'm building an 30amp control panel and I need to run power to my garage so I need about 50 feet of wire. I'm going to use 6 gauge wire for the run in case I want to upgrade to 50 amps later. My questions are: Can I put a 50 amp GFCI in my main box instead of a 30 amp? It looks like I...
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    Proflow Dyamics Stolen Credit Card

    It seems like every time I use Proflow dyamics about a week later I get charges that weren't mine from different companies. This time it was in the thousands of dollars. This has happened 3 times and with different cards. Has this happened to anybody else?
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    Stainless Triclamp Conical Fermenter

    PM me if you have one for sale, looking for at least 27 gallons, I'm in South Denver area. Cheers!
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    Keggle with lid and ball valve, Denver

    $50 keggle with lid and ball valve, has an extra hole where I had a site glass with thermometer so you would need to put something there to use it. I used it as a HLT and upgraded to a larger one, local pickup only
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    New 2 tap jockey box

    Brand new 2 tap jockey box, I was going to bring it on some camping trips but decided to bring growlers instead and I rather use the money to upgrade my brew equipment, asking $225 plus shipping. I can possibly do some sort of trade. Looking for 20 gallon kettles, hop rocket, stainless chugger...
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    Grain Mill Motor

    Preferably with a 1/2" shaft and can be mounted easily
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    Blichmann 15 or 20 gallon mash tun

    Prefer 20 gallon but might go with a 15 gallon, if you have any pieces, pot, false bottom, auto sparge arm, I would be interested, thanks. I'm in Denver.
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    Are the Blichmann gas T's stainless?

    I recently bought a blickhmann toptier and the burners came with some 1/2" diameter T's to build a gas pipe and split off the gas. I'm using black pipe but I was wondering if anybody knows if the T's that came are stainless steel? The outside is dull but the inside threads are pretty shiny...
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    Copper immersion wort chiller, dip tray

    Both SOLD, thank you
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    Colorado 6 Tap Keezer $2200

    I barely ever have 6 kegs on tap so I'm looking to sell this Keezer to fund my smaller keezer build that I can fit inside my house. The frame is made with Colorado beetle kill pine with pine trim. The counter top rim is made with red oak. The coffin is made with pine. Porcelean tile cover...