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  1. Will-D

    Louisiana 3 Keggle electric HERMS set up for sale

    Trying to get $800 for the 3 keggles with all wiring needed to hook up to a panel. All elements and temp probes came preassembled from (almost $600) Temp Probes: Temp probes: Elements: The HLT has a 5500 watt...
  2. Will-D

    Louisiana 3 vessel electric keggle set up for sale

    I have 3 keggles that I've been using for my 3 vessel electric system that I'm trying to sell. First is the HLT. It has a 5500 watt ULWD heating element installed, along with a stainless 50'x1/2" HERMS coil with ball valves on both ends, a ball valve with T and temp probe connected to the...
  3. Will-D

    So, if these coils are on the outside of my Keezer I can drill the side panel?

    I have an upright keezer that I want to drill a hole in the side of to run CO2 tubing thru to get the tank out of the keezer. These coils are on the back and if I'm not mistaken, I can drill thru the side without risk of hitting a critical line. Am I correct or totally wrong (wouldn't be the...
  4. Will-D

    Need help deciding what to do

    I currently have a 3 keggle electric brew set up that I've made probably 20 batches on. It's a great system but lately it just seems to be so much to clean and keep up with. I ordered a 20 gallon brew boss kettle with COFI filter on Black Friday and plan to switch to mainly using it. My...
  5. Will-D

    IPA recipe help

    I have a few things left over from previous batches and I've thrown it all together and want to know what y'all think. Beer Smith says all specs are within range of an American IPA, just wondering how it'll turn out. Any help will definitely be appreciated. 24 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US 2...
  6. Will-D

    Crushed insulation while installing tap shanks

    I'm installing my tap shanks I can't seem to get them tight. Can I just crush the insulation or remove it entirely around each shank in the door to get them tight and then re-insulate around them?
  7. Will-D

    Midwest Gold Dust IPA kit, 6 week secondary recommended

    I'm awaiting arrival of my brewing equipment and my first 2 beer recipe kits. One that I got was Gold Dust IPA from Midwest. In the instructions it states that they recommend a 6 week secondary fermentation. I'm a total newb here but from what I've been reading that seems a bit excessive for...