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  1. nyrmc23

    Priming 1 gallon in 1 gallon mini keg

    I'm about to prime a one-gallon batch in a 1 gallon mini keg for the first time to not have to bottle. Two questions: 1. How much priming sugar should I use? 2. How much head space should I leave? Thanks!
  2. nyrmc23

    Force Carbing in Mini Keg Question

    I have the KegSmith mini keg. I wanted to force carbonate my Pumpkin Beer I brewed over two weeks ago. Should I wait to keg it until I'm ready to actually drink it and force carbonate it then, or if I'm in no rush should I add priming sugar (22G of sugar for 1 gallon per the recipe) and let it...
  3. nyrmc23

    Swapping pumpkin puree for real pumpkin

    Pumpkin ale recipe calls for 1.5-2 lbs of sugar pumpkin. Unfortunately i cant find pumpkin anywhere in my area. I opted to buy some cans of pure organic puree. Should I still follow the 1.5-2 lbs or would you scale up or down? Its a 1 gallon recipe.
  4. nyrmc23

    Misread Boil Time for Bittering Hop. What should I now expect?

    Brewed a pecan pile brown ale last week. I was going over the recipe again and just saw I was supposed to add the East Kent Golding hops as a first-wort hopping before bringing it to a boil. I added it when I hit the boil and boiled for 60 minutes. What should I expect to have gone wrong? I have...
  5. nyrmc23

    Lost a lot of temp while mashing

    Was supposed to mash at 152 for an hour. Needless to say my 2 month old distracted me a bit and I did not check. When time ended, it was at 138. Is my wheat beer ruined?
  6. nyrmc23

    Liquid Yeast Arrived Warm. Can it be salvaged?

    I placed an order from Northern Brewer Aug 15 and it arrived today. I don’t know how long the White Labs English Ale was in the box for, but it and the cooling packet arrived very warm. I requested a refund but was told it should still be good. I have it in the fridge now. Thoughts?
  7. nyrmc23

    10 Gallon Cooler Mash Tun Too Big for 1 Gallon Batches?

    I found a 10-gallon Cooler Mash Tun on Craigslist with a false bottom and ball valve for a great price. I almost exclusively brew 1 gallon batches (I'm still finding my groove and don't want to risk larger batches coming out bad) so I'm unsure if that size of a cooler is too much for 1 gallon...
  8. nyrmc23

    Question About Dry Hopping

    Went with a SMaSH ale with Maris Otter and Simcoe today. The recipe calls for dry hopping .4 oz of Simcoe, but unsure when to do so. I've attached a screen shot below. Is it dry hop FOR four days, or ON day 4? And for both, how long should I do so?
  9. nyrmc23

    Storing Opened Liquid Yeast Packet

    I plan on brewing two one-gallon batches next week, and both call for the White Labs British ale yeast, but both are just a half packet. Is it possible to save the opened packet for a few days, or better to just bite the bullet and buy to packs?
  10. nyrmc23

    Advice on first-time dry hop

    Dry hopped a one-gallon SMaSH via BIAB on April 18. On April 23, I dry hopped according to the recipe. This Saturday will be two weeks since brew day and when I was planning on kegging into a mini keg. My question is it's been a week of dry hopping: should I take out now and let it sit another...
  11. nyrmc23

    Carbonating in Mini Keg

    I've always bottled my beer, but my wife bought me a mini keg (the Keg Smith to be exact) and I'm curious how I'd go about carbing my beer using that. I've seen some people force carb with it by shaking and what not. My question is can I go the priming sugar route with corn sugar and just carb...
  12. nyrmc23

    Force Carbing With KegSmiths

    My wife got me the Kegsmiths unit for my birthday. I'm playing around with it and trying to figure out best way to go about force carbing a batch I have ready. Is it as simple as just putting the wort in the keg, dialing the psi up to around 50 and just rocking it for a few minutes? I've never...
  13. nyrmc23

    Question about Keg Smiths

    I apologize if this has been asked before (I went back about 6 pages but didn't see a topic about it), but wondering if anyone here has used the Keg Smith to keg 1-gallon batches of homebrew? I only brew one gallon at a time and don't have the space or funds for a keg system, and saw the Keg...
  14. nyrmc23

    Should I see activity during secondary?

    I transferred over a mosaic wheat I brewed last weekend to my secondary. I didn't add anything but transferred out of a three-gal carboy to a one-gallon (I had boiled off a lot and was left with about 1.25 G). It's been a few days in there and there's no activity coming from the airlock and...
  15. nyrmc23

    Several 'issues' with a wheat beer I brewed. Toss or keep?

    I finally bought an outdoor propane burner to stop cooking on the stove. I shot for a three-gallon all grain Mosaic Pale Wheat. I went with 4 gallons for the mash, thinking I'd lose my normal gallon or so between mash, boil and cooling. It being the first time I used the burner, my four...
  16. nyrmc23

    When to add things like Coco and Peanut Butter Powder

    I found a recipe for a PB Cup Porter on Brewer's Friend and for a 1 gallon batch it calls for 2 ozs each of coco and peanut butter powder, but doesn't say when to add. I haven't used ingredients like this before, so when should those be added?
  17. nyrmc23

    Nearly 36 hours into fermentation and not seeing any activity.

    I brewed an amber ale Friday night and woke up Sunday (today) to check on the batch and I'm not seeing any bubbles coming up through the stopper. A lot has settled on the bottom of the carboy and i'm seeing some activity at the krausen level at the surface. I'm keeping it in a closed, dark...
  18. nyrmc23

    Gravity Reading Error

    I just brewed my seventh batch and for first time I took notes on everything. So far, everything (outside of 2 batches) has been at worst decent and at best very good, so I thought I should start taking notes. My pre-boil reading was 1.022 and my final was 1.044. Is this possible? I only ask...
  19. nyrmc23

    How much does flavor change during bottling?

    I just bottled my first three-gallon IPA and after filling the bottles, I sampled the beer. It wasn't terrible but had a sour, sweet taste at the end that wasn't my thing (and I don't believe that was by design in the recipe). So my question is how much will the taste change during carbonation...
  20. nyrmc23

    When to know if ready to bottle?

    I've done my first three-gallon IPA. I brewed it two weeks ago today and there's nearly no bubbling coming up through the airlock. The recipe said to ferment for one week before transferring to secondary for two weeks. I've kept it in the primary for two weeks. Do you think I'm ready to bottle?