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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Just started a batch of the original recipe. The kitchen scale was out of batteries so wifey went out to get some, but I was too impatient and measured by eye 2lbs of corn sugar out of a 4lb bag and put everything in the carboy. I apparently have a terrible eye as I weighed what was left when...
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    Day 24, stuck at 1.02

    Just to close this out, I took a FG reading with a hydrometer and came up with 1.011 - which was my target FG. Beer still tastes too sweet, but I'll see how it rounds out with carb and time.
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    Day 24, stuck at 1.02

    I'll take a hydrometer tonight, then. If all good from there, I will cold crash for 24 hours and keg... finally.
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    Day 24, stuck at 1.02

    Oh wow, it didn't even occur to me to think about that - at least I posted this in the right section! I'll let the yeast work for a couple days just in case there's more to go, because it did taste a little too sweet to me.
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    Day 24, stuck at 1.02

    Yes. I threw a space heater in my ferm chamber this morning to help speed up the warm-up process. As it warmed up, I saw a little activity in the airlock, but I'm not sure if that's the yeast doing it's work or some other kind of reaction. For now I am in wait and see mode.
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    Day 24, stuck at 1.02

    Thanks guys. It's been a good lesson in when to take gravity readings, and that's preferably not when kegs are cleaned and sanitized with gelatin pitched only to realize it's not time. I'll give it a few days. After that, is it a bad idea to pitch Mutons? I have a spare pack of that since it...
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    Day 24, stuck at 1.02

    I'm brewing a Red Ale (extract with steeping grains) that had an OG of 1.04 and an expected FG of 1.011 according to BeerSmith. Yeast is Nottingham. I got everything ready to keg today on Day 24 after Cold Crashing at 38F for three days. Of course, I never took an FG reading before crashing...
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    How fast should pressure drop?

    Assuming no leaks... If I hit about 5 gallons of uncarbonated water with 18-20psi for a couple minutes, and then shut the CO2 off - how long should it take the water to absorb the carbonation (constant temperature) and the gauge on the regulator to hit zero? I did this last night, and...
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    IBU too high?

    Oh my, I'm cracking up over here. This wasn't a Bavarian Wheat kit, Bavarian wheat LME is all they had left in stock and he picked some ingredients that he thought would go well with it, so yeah, it was a yard sale... At this point, with all of these mismatched ingredients, I'm just...
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    IBU too high?

    I went to my LBHS to pick up some ingredients for my next brew, and I asked the employee for recommendations as I'm not at the point of being able to pick and choose for myself. Anyhow, I ended up getting ingredients to brew a ten gallon Bavarian Wheat, which includes the following...
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    Tubing Mismatch?

    I'm part-way through yet another tank of CO2 attempting to find a leak in my rig, and I was wondering if a tubing mismatch could cause a leak. The tubing that was used for the gas line in my setup is the Bevlex 200, which is notated on their website as a liquid line, not a gas line. Could this...
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    Gas/Liquid Bolts

    So this my first time kegging, and I did not realize the bolts for the Gas/Liquid side were different, and I uh, switched. I seemed to put two gas on one keg, and two liquid on the other. The one with two gas on it seems to be carbonating fine, but will I have issues if I don't switch the...
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    Oxygen Purge?

    OK, now I'm not sure what's going on. You ever stick your head into your fermentation chamber a take a big whiff and get that big burning sensation in your nose? Well, I'm getting that when I stick my head in the keezer. The one keg never seems to release much or any pressure when I pull...
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    Oxygen Purge?

    That makes sense. I called my wife during lunch and she said the keezer reeked off beer and she got dizzy when she stuck her head in there. I had to walk her through how to turn everything off and check for leaks. After spraying the connections with soapy water, leaks were detected as coming...
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    Oxygen Purge?

    I'm not even sure if I did this right as this is my first time kegging. I have a regulator going into a manifold dispersed into two kegs. I set the PSI to 30 for force carbing, but then read something about purging the oxygen. I cut the pressure off and released the pressure from the kegs...
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    Guide to set internal chest freezer thermostat to >32F; Eliminate external control

    I just took my first stab at this last night, and have my keezer reading at 28 (according to this aquarium thermometer in a 2L at the bottom of the keezer) but the water is not frozen. It's not even frozen in a smaller water that barely has anything in it. Is my thermometer broken or is there...
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    Adjustments for full boils with hopped extract?

    I was in a pinch and had to purchase a kit (5 gallon batch) from the local shop. The directions for the kit have a 30 minute partial boil with: 3.3 lbs Muntons hopped amber LME 2 lbs Briess Sparkling Amber 1 oz hops (Cascade pellets, I'm assuming...) The partial boil calls for 1.5...
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    Sizing your Chest Freezer for Corny Kegs

    I read somewhere that the GE 7.0 from Sam's doesn't fit four on the floor, but the Home Depot version does. Is this correct? Any other suggestions for fitting four on the floor at around the $200 price point? I'll be building a collar, but would like to get four on the floor.
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    Northern Brewer's Extra Pale Ale

    Sorry to resurrect this thread from the dead but I just brewed the extract version of this yesterday. It's only my third batch total so I'm still wrapping my head around some of the basics (while trying to absorb at least a pinch of some of the more advanced stuff). I noticed the hops...