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  1. frostyp

    Dry hopping schedule

    Just started all grain brewing followed this downloaded recipe , curious about the dry hopping session is this meaning either 1: Dry hop for 14 days then add second hops for a further 7 days , so 21 days in total? Or 2: Dry hop for 14 days and when there is 7 days left add second hops ? Thankyou.
  2. frostyp

    Wanting to start all grain

    Been extract brewing a couple of years now wanting to get into all grain next year. Acquiring equipment Question is when mashing grain in mash tun why does it have to be a a measured amount when more is going to be poured on to rinse ? Can the grain in the tun not just be completely immersed in...
  3. frostyp

    Malto Dextrin , use of?

    What benefits does it give ? Any downsides to using it ? Is there a recommendation or average quantity to use ? I've never used I believe more mouth feel and head retention , is the difference that noticeable?
  4. frostyp

    Which Type Of Mash Tun

    Seen quite a lot of cooler type mash tuns on forums etc , Now looking around and seeing stainless steel types also usually surrounded with Bubble foil wrap. Simply is one better than the other? Does either have an advantage over the other? Does the steel type retain heat as well as the cooler...
  5. frostyp

    Wort temperature concern

    I ferment in buckets with stick on temperature reading LCD gauges , if as I am led to believe that the fermenting temperature could be quite a few degrees higher in the centre , what or how is the best way of obtaining the reading so I constantly know what's going on in there?
  6. frostyp

    New to Star San

    Just acquired starsan here in the UK, am I okay to use distilled water designed for car battery top ups , I'm assuming its the same.
  7. frostyp

    Yeast washing Too Long In Fridge??

    Attempting yesterday to do first yeast wash This was an extract kit by the way, Did initially see three layers almost in the jar have left overnight and now appears only to be two, I'm assuming the good yeast has also now dropped to the bottom, can I rescue by bringing up to room temp and...
  8. frostyp

    Yeast Washing Newby Help Please

    Only a beer kit maker at present, trying to improve skills before going all grain, always now rehydrate dry yeast, and have made stepped starters from slants, now want to wash yeast watched a few videos about allowing to Seperate in jar , decant beer off and keep yeast, will I be able to use...
  9. frostyp

    Aquarium heater question

    Purchased an aquarium heater multi temperature control on it, am I best to either. 1: place cord through a rubber bung in top of my fermentation bucket directly into wort, or 2: place bucket in another larger bucket of water with the heater in that ? Is one way likely to be better than the other
  10. frostyp

    Water quanity does it matter ?

    Complete newby looking to start all grain this year, watched loads of videos! When mashing does the amount of water matter if you're sparging afterwards to get to the boil volume can you just constantly sparge to get to boil volume ?
  11. frostyp

    Yeast starter

    When making a yeast starter utilising a stir plate. If doing a stepped starter lets say 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre, do you need to chill and decant wort between each step or can you just add the next size of wort to the original and at the end of the desired volume chill and decant thanks.
  12. frostyp

    Do i need the sugar?

    Just brewing kits at the moment , mainly coopers lager kits and some beers, never used the 1kg of sugar as advised by others. What would be the effective of, 1: completely leaving out the sugar? 2: substituting the 1kg of sugar for 1kg of spray dried malt. Without the sugar will I still get...
  13. frostyp

    Auto syphoning

    Just purchased an auto syphon for racking beer from fermenter to my bottling bucket, the speed my wort is able to run through is now very quick , is it still ok to use for transferring wort into my bottling bucket with my sugar solution already in, is the speed likely to cause any issues always...
  14. frostyp

    Happy new yesr

    Happy new year from the UK happy brewing
  15. frostyp

    Final batch of 2012

    Just starting to bottle the final batch of 2012, a coopers Australian lager kit, only started brewing this year only done kits, but now use yeast starters and experiment with the kit recipes, moving into all grain in 2013 at some point. But just a message from the UK - Hope you all have a good...
  16. frostyp

    Ok or not fermentation?

    This is a John Bull London Porter Kit Added 500g of spray malt and 500g of dextrose First time making up a starter from a brewlab yeast slant Made up 900ml starter, starting fermentation was violent! Had blow off tube fitted also, now been in primary nine days is still activity in air lock so...
  17. frostyp

    Yeast Starter Size And Correct Procedure Wanted Please

    Made now approximately ten brews now, i am only doing extract brewing at the present but trying to improve things the best that i can, my last brew a Bulldog London Porter i made a yeast starter 900ml from a yeast slant, it obviously went ok as its fermenting furiously in my bucket and was...
  18. frostyp

    Absolute Frustration

    First time making a starter, have it spinning on a stir plate a one litre starter but to be honest thats irrelevant, i quite simply wish to know when my starter has "maxed" out? i have bubbles still arising after 48 hours is that the yeast still eating ? or is it the induced oxygen from the stir...
  19. frostyp

    Yeast starter

    How do I know when my yeast starter is completed to move to next stage ? Is it when the bubbles stop rising or are some of the rising bubbles due to the stir stick on the stir plate?
  20. frostyp

    can yeast starter be too large

    making first ever starter, added vial of yeast yesterday the name escapes me sorry into 1litre of 1040 wort and spun for 24 hours chilled overnight could definately see the yeast at the lower of bottle , decanted wort from above and made a new 1040 wort and added and now have back on the stir...