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  1. beerthirty

    Bucks Electric Brewery

    Tech has come a long way. I feel embarrassed about my porno from a few years ago. Never did get auto volume measuring correct, though the BBQ did finally happen. I hope you brew many fine beers.
  2. beerthirty

    Its been so long

    I wish it was that easy. I needed to move closer to elder family and my health. I could never hate beer unless it is the pale yellow crap the uninitiated masses seem to love. Reminds me I need to edit my location.
  3. beerthirty

    Its been so long

    Hi everyone. I am back, but not as dedicated or as funded as I was before. :o I am looking forward to reading about everyones new recipes, rigs and techniques. I will be doing a lot more reading than posting until I get a basic rig together. Of course I am not sure of my definition of 'basic'...
  4. beerthirty

    RO Water Storage

    Talk to your LHBS about getting one of their empty extract barrels. You could probably get one free.
  5. beerthirty

    Dry Hopping Loose, cheese cloth filter?

    Come on kilted! It can be used for multiple tasks. Very few items are uni-task if you use your imagination. Used as I suggested it keeps the surface area of the racking cane larger so the cheese cloth doesn't clog easily. Think hopstopper.
  6. beerthirty

    Dry Hopping Loose, cheese cloth filter?

    Wrap the cheese cloth loosely around your racking cane. Then while racking pull the cloth a little so hops don't pack up around the opening and stop the flow. you can also use something like this on the racking cane to keep the tip clear.
  7. beerthirty

    Propane leak on stand

    You can pick up a flaring kit at HF for about $10-15. While not the quality of the ones Beemer mentioned, will do the job.
  8. beerthirty

    bottling from keg - how long will carb last.....

    I've gone 6 weeks with the BMBF. Very little carbonation was lost in the head space.
  9. beerthirty

    Questions about brewstand built.

    The 8610 can be used to control solenoid valves for gas flow. That way you can keep the system high pressure. You would need a separate solenoid valve to control pilot flow. The difference between Guy's and my system is he uses a gas furnace valve and low pressure, while I use 2 solenoid valves...
  10. beerthirty

    I'd like to take a taste, but it's still very slightly bubbling

    It will die when you rack off of the yeast and dry it or flash freeze it. Don't worry about the yeast. Any bottle condition beer or sparkling wine has live yeast in it. RDWHAHB, live yeast is not dangerous. it can be a little stinky until your gut has its own colony growing. As for tasting good...
  11. beerthirty

    Oxygenating in-line with plate chiller

    I use a flow meter to control O2 flow. It works fine and I thought it would take one less step out of the process. It didn't because now I have to disassemble to clean the stone.
  12. beerthirty

    False Bottoms, Diptubes, Bazookas Oh My!

    Screens tend to clog up in BKs from hot break and loose hop material. Your MLT plans are what most of that use FBs do. I use hop bags and don't worry about break material, it settles in the fermenter.
  13. beerthirty

    Noob needs clarification about swamp coolers

    In a dry climate (like the southwest) a swamp cooler can drop temps 20-25 degrees below ambient. This is best best case scenario. In moister climes they don't work so well. Plus on using the fan, another plus if you can ventilate the room. The air can only hold so much moisture before...
  14. beerthirty

    Using the micromatic line cleaner

    Either install an empty cornie and pump into that or on the top of the QD there is a screw driver slot that allows disassembly for cleaning. (dont loss the seals or spring.)
  15. beerthirty

    Any ideas on how to save my stuck fermentation?

    And warm up the ferment temp.
  16. beerthirty

    How do you siphon from 1 gallon jugs??? grr!

    Clamp? That is why God gave us thumbs. Just put you thumb over the end of the tube.
  17. beerthirty

    Pulling samples vs. hydrometer straight into fermenter

    Satellite fermenters have proven to be inaccurate due to differences in volume, and temp swings due to volume. IIRC there are a few more reasons but I'm too drunk to recall at this time.
  18. beerthirty

    Need Help... Pitch or not...

    If you dont fear contamination wait, it wont hurt. The thing about pitching as soon as possible is to give the yeast a chance to gain a foot hold before other organisms. The no chill method requires you to wait so you don't cook your yeast. Personally I dont make a starter with dry yeast, I...
  19. beerthirty

    Beer in a hurry

    Beirmunchers SWMBO Slayer. great beer, ready fast, not too hoppy, loved by most.
  20. beerthirty

    Need Help... Pitch or not...

    Not enough info, but I would pitch and get some dry yeast in the morning as a safeguard.