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  1. VVino

    Moving to All Grain: Cooler vs Kettle Mash Tun

    So after about 20 brews I'm planning my move from extract/mini-mash to All Grain sometime this fall. I'm torn between getting a cooler type mash tun or spending the extra money and going with a kettle/burner mash tun. So far it seems to break down like this: Cooler Pros - holds temp best...
  2. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    They look about the same as my previous post about 2 weeks ago. Bines have stopped growing in in length, apparently stunted my the daily 100 degree heat that began nearly 4 weeks ago. However, side runners are continuing to grow and multiply, as well as a couple of new bines emerging from the...
  3. VVino

    another hops in TX thread, Pearland TX

    Update pics!
  4. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Week 12 (pics taken 6/14/2011) Overview Willamette, Cascade, Nugget, and Centennial have all reached the top of the arbor with 10-15 foot growth. None of them like to train themselves horizontally so they must be hand trained at the top. As an experiment, I let the Nugget flop over on itself...
  5. VVino

    5 weeks in and still bubbling?

    Always taste your hydrometer sample!
  6. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Wow great job! What kind are those and what's your secret?!?
  7. VVino

    Baby cones

    Yup! Cones on Cascade, Nugget, and Willamette. Pics:
  8. VVino

    South Texas Hop Garden

    Glad to see another fellow south/central Texas hops grower! I think the limited sun will help them with the coming hot summer temps. Keep us updated on which varieties do best. I've got first year Wilamette, Mt Hood, Cascade, Nugget, and Centennial in planters here in Austin. So far the Cascade...
  9. VVino

    Burrs already...

    First year Cascade had burs starting late April. Some cones are now over an inch long! Pics:
  10. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Week 8 (pics taken 05/15/2011) Overview Cascade and Nugget have reached the top of the arbor (~9 foot of growth). I just put up some twine across the top to see how long these plants will get in their first year! Flowers started forming on the Cascade about two weeks ago. Today there...
  11. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Week 6 (Pics taken 05/01/2011) It's been very hot and VERY windy over the last couple weeks. Some of the leaves were damaged by the wind. Overall the hops seem healthy except the Mt Hood, which suffered the most from my too-early fertilizing. Most of the early bines have had their tips turn...
  12. VVino

    Is 20-20-20 Fertilizer too big?

    I seem to have burned one of my first year hops plants by adding Miracle Grow liquid fertilizer too early. The edges of the most of the leaves turned brown and their texture became dry and papery. In hindsight I would have waited at least 6 weeks or until growth seemed to stall before adding...
  13. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Definately post or start your own thread.. either way! I'd really like to see how people get their hops through the central and south TX summer heat. Are you growing in pots or in ground?
  14. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Week 4 (pics taken 04/12/2011) Finished staining the posts and arbor. Strung up some twine and trained the hops to it (very easy to do). The browning leaf edge situation has gotten me to re-evaluate my watering and fertilizer schedule. I had been doing a heavy water once a day or every...
  15. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Today I finally gave up trying to train the hops onto the posts directly and strung up some hop twine (coir yarn) that I had ordered from earlier. The bines took to them very easily. Before I strung them up on the twine, my largest bine on the Willamette twisted and split near it's...
  16. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Thanks! Bought the house last summer. The cement patio was there already but we had the cedar deck built this February. We're split on how we should finish the arbor.... my wife wants to leave it as is, I'd like to fill it out with a few more beams.
  17. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Week 3 (pictures taken 4/5/11) Had to stain the cedar posts earlier than I though as the bines are already long enough. Having some problems training the bines onto the posts however, I think they're too large around. Will probably need to use twine, maybe drill holes through the tops of the...
  18. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    I only put them 1-2" under. Most of the rhizomes had little buds sprouting out when I received them from freshops. I think I ordered them the first or second day they went on sale. How deep to the rhizome is your mound?
  19. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Plastic Planters - $25 ea. Better Homes and Gardens 24'' Bombay Planter, Red Sedona They're out of that color but still have some others in stock. I would have loved to get some ceramic or clay but in...
  20. VVino

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Beginning of Week 2 (Pictures taken on 3/28/2011) Overview (In counter clockwise order starting from the far left: Centennial, Nugget, Cascade, Mt. Hood, Willamette) Willamette (Clearly in the lead. However, was the only "jumbo" rhizome I ordered.) Mt Hood (Next largest growth. Second...