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  1. Gear101

    Toppling goliath

    Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the 500 individuals to attend the Mornin’ Delight release on August 29, 2015. This is to confirm that you will be in Group B. Group B will be from 12pm - 3pm. Please do NOT line up prior to 11am. You will need your ID and cash for the...
  2. Gear101

    Small and TG, at the store, going to be a great summer

    Happy to live close to both of these. Cheers Might trade, pizza boys are something like that.
  3. Gear101

    GT Dorothy

    One of the best, on a hot summer night. Anyone want to trade, I'm about an hour away, so can get most things.
  4. Gear101

    Surly for trade

    Anyone interested in trading for some Surly beers? ISO Dogfish 90 or 120, CCB, RR or Dark Horse, but open to others.
  5. Gear101

    Now that would be cool

    to see what his wife did. LOL
  6. Gear101

    Adding hops to the mash? Mash Hopping?

    Mash Hopping Mash hopping is a much different beast than FWHing. First off, it is for partial mash and all-grain brewers only. Second, iso-alpha acid conversion does not take place at an appreciable level at mash temperatures, so alpha acids do not undergo the isomerization reaction. The oils...
  7. Gear101

    Off to John's this weekend.

    Going to Iowa City to visit the U of Iowa to transfer my undergrad, starting there this summer to get my MSA. In Iowa City, of all place, they have a grocery store called John's, well the website says it all. I will be able to get anything they have in stock to trade. This weekend I am going for...
  8. Gear101

    Matching Food & Beer

    Apéritifs: This beer should arouse the appetite. Something hoppy and dry such as a Spanish Peaks Yellowstone Pale Ale or Pilsner Urquell. Soup: Good luck trying to match a beer with a soup, its just as hard with beer as it is with wine. If you are having a beer-flavored soup serve the...
  9. Gear101

    Using the right amount of primer?

    Thought is was a good read in this months BYO. .................... Priming with Sugar Proper carbonation of beer enhances its quality. The relatively low carbonation of British beers accentuates their maltiness while the higher carbonation of European and American beers gives them a...
  10. Gear101


    So here is the story, a couple years back I bought a steel 20# Co2 Pepsi Tank off a guy that closed a Ice Cream Shop, the driver just left two of them. So the tank was empty this week and yesterday I called my local Praxair Air to exchange it, which even before I bought the tank I had already...
  11. Gear101

    Stout Season is coming up?

    What does everyone look for when it comes to the coffee they select for their stouts?
  12. Gear101

    Mixed drinks in a keg

    Has anyone done this before? I was thinking with a coupe extra taps that I have every now and then of mixing up a 3 gallon keg of Jack and coke. Hoping it does not separate or with the CO2 go flat.
  13. Gear101

    Anyone else been to 515

    I was surprised to find out they are brewing some pretty good beers.
  14. Gear101

    To Øl

    Can anyone get there hands on some To Øl really looking to trade for some more of their beers. I'll come up with some trades if someone can get their hands on some beers.
  15. Gear101

    NZ Nelson Sauvin (16oz / 1 pound) Got two #s :mug:
  16. Gear101

    Founders KBS

    Looks like I might be able to have an extra case of this waiting for me, have someone that is going to hold it back for me. Interested in trading. Looking for flagship beers from Cigar City, Three Floyds, Russian River etc etc. I had a deal for a 3F's DL, but can not remember the person...
  17. Gear101

    DLD tickets

    Tickets for this event go on sale Sunday, March 17th at 12:00 noon central standard time. :ban:
  18. Gear101

    Solar powered charger, finally. I have been waiting for one of these. Any one knwo if they are any good?
  19. Gear101

    Goose Island Bourbon County to trade plus others

    I just got a message that Bell’s Hopslam will be in town Thursday the 17th, so I have a case on reserve for myself and looking to trade for some other beers. Looking for Russian River Pliny the Younger and Pliny the Elder for most part and may get talked into some others that I cannot get...