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  1. HellerAle

    MLT Manifold DIY

    How about solder or no? It has a pretty snug fit w/o and it would seem pretty easy to clean by not soldering it.
  2. HellerAle

    MLT Manifold DIY

    Thanks for clarifying Revvy. That makes me laugh!:mug:
  3. HellerAle

    MLT Manifold DIY

    I tested it with holes down. Put a few gal. of water in and opened the valve. I ended up with about 3/4 cup of water left in the bottom. I would anticipate this amount much greater if the holes were up. The reason I asked was I had read in other posts that there were concerns with having them...
  4. HellerAle

    MLT Manifold DIY

    Hello fellow beer makers, I am making the switch from extract to AG. Felt the need to build something this week and decided to make a manifold for my new 10g. MLT. Was wondering from your experience whether to put the holes up or down and if I should solder it or not?
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  6. MLTManifoldDIYFeedLine


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  13. HellerAle

    Oxygenating tablets

    I have no objections to this system, just was wondering if there was such an item on the market as a tablet (drop it in and forget it).
  14. HellerAle

    Oxygenating tablets

    Is there such thing as a oxygenating tablet that could be added to cooled wort to bring the oxygen levels up after a long boil. I'm just thinking this as i stare down a glass of Alka-Seltzer.
  15. HellerAle

    Co2 Tank Question.

    Just got the tank re-certified and filled....$35.00. I'm ok with this just for the fact that the tank was free and the size will fit many options for dispensing. Thanks for the advice.
  16. HellerAle

    Co2 Tank Question.

    On the tank? There is a stamp on the top of the tank that reads: CTC/DOT-E6498-2015 Does this mean that I'm good till 2015?:confused:
  17. HellerAle

    Co2 Tank Question.

    A buddy of mine just gave me an old 2.5 lb. Co2 tank his father-in-law had years ago for brewing. How can I tell if the tank is up to spec / or out of date? It sounds like after a certain period of time these tanks need to be "re-certified". How can one tell?:cross:
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