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  1. NeilMac

    Broccoli Pie

    Celebrating 3.14 day yesterday. Broccoli, Mushroom, Tomato, Onion, Chipotle, Habanero. Fife/butter crust, Havarti Top.
  2. NeilMac

    Keto Coffee

    Came across this and gave it a try. Replaced my regular breakfast with this drink as a experiment. Worked well, tasted great, butter and coconut the main flavour and coffee takes a back seat, at least with the Costa Rica I used.
  3. NeilMac

    Pumpkin Pizza

    Filling chicken, onions, mushrooms, peppers.
  4. NeilMac

    New Coffee order

    Put in new order, almost out of most stuff, had to cut back a bit till funds better.
  5. NeilMac

    Kona Coffee ??

    I bought 4lb of "Extra Fancy" direct from Hawaii. Almost done , about 5oz left. Well my experince has been disapointing considering its three times the normal cost. Its nice coffee but not worth the extra price. My Peruvian and Costa Rica taste better then the Kona. Was wondering if anybody...
  6. NeilMac

    Growing Peppers

    Their was a thread back in 2009 so I didnt want to do necromancing so starting new thread. Been growing peppers for about 5 years now, bought a house a year ago so now I have much more room and better conditions. Habaneros are my favorite, Pumpkin being the most flavorful I find. My Apache...
  7. NeilMac

    Coffee Vinegar

    Hope this is the right section for this, didn't see one for Vinegars. My latest batch was an experiment using coffee, coffee I roasted. Turned out real well, like a very rich smooth Malt Vinegar, no taste of coffee, very difficult to describe actually. This is three months old. Definitely a...
  8. NeilMac

    Coffee Roasting Venture going well.

    I started Roasting my own coffee one and a half years ago, it was like rediscovering coffee for the first time, was shocked how much favor their is when its not burnt like the commercial stuff. The strong chocolate flavor in some of them. I generally have 10-14 types on the shelf, trying to keep...
  9. NeilMac

    New Kombucha Batch

    Havent made any in 25 years so back to basics. Did a starter batch with the inoculation from a bottle of store bought Kombucha drink. Plan on adding this to a 4 gall batch, this is about 3.5L