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  1. HellerAle

    MLT Manifold DIY

    Hello fellow beer makers, I am making the switch from extract to AG. Felt the need to build something this week and decided to make a manifold for my new 10g. MLT. Was wondering from your experience whether to put the holes up or down and if I should solder it or not?
  2. HellerAle

    Oxygenating tablets

    Is there such thing as a oxygenating tablet that could be added to cooled wort to bring the oxygen levels up after a long boil. I'm just thinking this as i stare down a glass of Alka-Seltzer.
  3. HellerAle

    Co2 Tank Question.

    A buddy of mine just gave me an old 2.5 lb. Co2 tank his father-in-law had years ago for brewing. How can I tell if the tank is up to spec / or out of date? It sounds like after a certain period of time these tanks need to be "re-certified". How can one tell?:cross: