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  1. phatuna

    Fermentation Vessel (San Diego Costco)

    Hi all, Just picked up one of these that I'll use for fermentation. It is food grade and is made to hold 90 lbs of dog food. I think it will work just fine to hold fermenting wort as well. I think that it will hold at least 12 gallons if not more. What do you think? $25 bucks. This is...
  2. phatuna

    regulator question

    I am new to kegging and am having a problem w/ my regulator. The regulator is the kind that regulates up or down using a screwdriver. I have screwed down the screw to its tightest setting, open the gas and it pressurizes the keg all the way up to 30 or 40 psi. Is there something else that...
  3. phatuna

    Infection? With Pic

    Hi all, I opened my ESB last night to move to the keg and found this. Beer smelled fine, I didn't take a sip, just racked from underneath and put the keg on gas. Should I do anything else, or just drink ASAP?
  4. phatuna

    Bayou Burners on sale

    FYI if you're in the market: :mug:
  5. phatuna

    Stone CA-Belgique fermentation question

    Hello homebrew crew, I tried the Stone Cali-Belgique a couple of weeks ago and was thoughoughly impressed. It is the Stone IPA, however using a belgian yeast in lieu of American Ale or whatever they use in the IPA. I decided to give it a go My clone followed EdWorts stone IPA which was...
  6. phatuna

    ball or pin?

    My good friends, ball or pin? I must know...
  7. phatuna

    65 Gallon Brown

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to help brew on my friends new brew rig. I thought I'd post a few pics, it's really fun to see this in action. This rig has the capacity to do 100+ gallons. Thanks Bob if you're out there, looking forward to our next one. go big or go home :mug:
  8. phatuna

    Bayou Classic SP10 on sale

    I just came across this on Amazon on sale, pretty good deal for any of you looking to move it outdoors. Cheers
  9. phatuna

    Spent Grain Veggie Burgers

    Hi all, I was with a guy over the weekend who asked me if I had ever tried using my spent grains in a veggie burger recipe. He said that he was at a party a couple of weeks ago and one of the guests brought a bunch of veggie burgers made out of spent grain and he said they were...
  10. phatuna


    This one gets me thinking big: :mug:
  11. phatuna

    Costco and homebrew?

    I thought this was interesting:|3605|79163&lang=en-US&whse=BC&topnav=
  12. phatuna

    Fermentis Safale vs. Danstar

    I just reviewed my receipt from a purchase that I made over the weekend and realized that my LHBS is selling Safale US 05 for $4.95 per packet :mad:. So I'll no longer make that mistake again, and have started looking online at buying dry yeast in bulk. I've visited a few OLHBS's and notice...
  13. phatuna

    sp10 conversion to natural gas

    I have a bayou classic sp10 propane burner like this: I have tapped my natural gas valve out back and am now wanting to hook it up to my sp10. Well, that didn't work like I thought it might, the regulator for NG is much larger...
  14. phatuna

    Crap, I froze my yeast

    I accidently put my dry yeast w/ my hops last night into the freezer. I found it this morning as I am starting my brew day. Toss it (in the trash) or pitch it into my brew?
  15. phatuna

    Calling all math wizards

    Can you help me with the following? I have my gravity into fermenter, but am missing my pre-boil gravity: 5 gallons gravity = 1.044 6.25 gallons pre-boil gravity = ?? Thanks for your help and let me know if more data is required :mug:
  16. phatuna

    CraigsList question

    Hi all, Do any of you have experience with a leak in your kegerator. I've been looking to buy one for a long time. I check craigslist and here is an ad for one which will likely be cheap, but the fridge has a "leak".. Would you recommend that I steer clear or is this an easy fix...
  17. phatuna

    wood chips

    do the wood chips go directly into the wine or do they need to be sanatized somehow w/bourbon or vodka?
  18. phatuna

    Rootbeer Fermentation (alcoholic?)

    Why doesn't the fermentation in rootbeer produce alcohol? We brewed some for our kids from a kit that came with red star champagne yeast and are wondering why it doesn't turn ferment into alcohol.
  19. phatuna

    Milled grain from Austin

    Can someone let me know if they have had good results from AHS in regards to brewing with their milled grain? I don't have my own mill, and this is the first time that I have ordered milled grains from AHS. It looks like the grains are just barely cracked compared with grains that I get...
  20. phatuna

    I couldn't help myself

    It has been 95F here in San Diego and I just popped this bad boy open: BM's centinial blonde ale topped with 3.5lbs of fresh cherries: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CHerrs!!