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  1. mr jones

    DME as stop leak for my brewpot

    so i was heating up my new brew pot that was supposed to be 16 qt. and i put 3 gallons of water in it and it was almost to the top. then i see a rivet is leaking. so i pour some water back into the jug and mash in my grains as normal. well when i added my DME it went back over the rivet. started...
  2. mr jones

    bee cave brewery

    i seem to remember that ed wort's brewery is bee cave brewery. and i am on brewmasters warehouse recipe site and some of the brews are from bee cave brewery. is this a coincidence?
  3. mr jones

    crack in fermenter lid

    i was racking to my secondary about 10 minutes ago and i noticed that my fermenters lid had a crack on the lip. it looks like the seal is not compromised. just wondering if anyone else uses a cracked lid, or if i should get a new one. ohh my ale also tasted faintly of peanut butter (not the...
  4. mr jones

    how much water?

    when using extract recipes that doesn't have a specific amount of water to boil the wort does it mater of you use 2 or 3 gallons the gravity should come out the same at the final volume correct?.
  5. mr jones

    san antonio brewpub charity event

    A new brewpub called Freetail Brewing Co. just opened in San Antonio last week, on 1604 on the Military/ Shavano frontage road in the Hill Country Plaza. On Wednesday Dec. 10 2008 they will be having a toy drive for The Childrens Center. And to show our appreciation you can register to win...
  6. mr jones

    checking gravity when racking to secondary

    i was wondering if everything would be fine if i took a sample for checking the gravity while racking my brew from the primary to the secondary if everything is sanitized it should be fine to add it to the secondary right? i know the books say to just let it go man, but i only brew 2 to 2.5 gals...
  7. mr jones

    munich malt and additional sugars question

    what is the flavor profile of munich malt? and when is the best time to add additional sugars? i have 2 recipes one calls for honey is it a good idea to boil it after the steeped grains for about 15 minutes? also spices were going to go in with the sugars then into the that at all...
  8. mr jones

    do mr. beer kits expire?

    i have inherited a mr. beer kit that i plan on using as an experimental batch kit and it came with 3 of the mr. beer malt cans. the old owner says its been ten years. i know the yeasties are gone but can the extract be used. i didn't see a date or anything on the cans? thanx a lot. -nick
  9. mr jones

    Added Fruit Question

    I just bottled some cherry wheat last night and i noticed down at the end of the last bottle some cherry sediment went into the bottle, thats not my problem, i read that you brew the beer in a primary then rack it on top of the cherries in a secondary. or would it be better to add the cherries...
  10. mr jones

    the freezer and carbonation

    i had my first home brew about a week ago and the carbonation was a little weak but it still had some head on it, and it was a week old in the bottle. I figured the carbonation hadn't dissolved all the way yet so a week after i put another bottle in the fridge for about 4 days. then i put it in...
  11. mr jones

    another noob question

    when you are aging your beer for flavor maturation will it age the same in the refrigerator as in a cupboard? just wondering if the cool air will stop the ale yeast from doing anything. but carbonation really isn't an issue its on almost its third week and i cracked one open last week and it was...
  12. mr jones

    no rinse sanitizer

    so i got this no rinse sanitizer with my brew kit and i used it, but the first time it didn't dissolve all the way so i wiped out all the undissolved pellets with a paper towel. my next batch i made sure all the pellets were dissolved. anyway i was wondering how safe these no rinse sanitizers...
  13. mr jones

    blue ez cap bottles

    i was wondering if anyone knew if the blue bottles provided any sunlight protection for the beer or if its just decorative. i know brown is the most protective but i'm kindda digging the blue, but if it doesn't protect thats a lot of money i'd be wasting. i was also wondering if there are any...
  14. mr jones

    yeast and added sugar questions

    ok, so i bought a mr beer, i know my bad, a few weeks ago and i just bottled my inaugural batch. and i have an oatmeal stout mix i am doing tomorrow. i already have my yeast incubating. the yeast is for a 5 gallon batch of beer so will adding it to a 2 gallon batch do anything bad to the beer...