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  1. Islandboy85

    Show us your compact mobile brew stand

    Ok, we have the unistrut brew stand thread, wood and metal brew stand threads, but I haven’t yet seen one dedicated to the compact mobile specific. I know many people share my own issue of limited storage space, or having to brew in an area other than they store the brewery. So, I’ll start. I’m...
  2. Islandboy85

    Free Brewery New Norms course by Cornell

    A friend shared this with me since she knows I brew. I’m sure it’ll be more useful net y’all running a business.
  3. Islandboy85

    What I’d do differently

    Use connectors with no less than 4 pins. The ability to tie shielding ground to a pin or add more wires without having to add more holes to the enclosure is a big deal. PT100 probes take up 3 wires. Float switches take up 2 wires. Say you had your HLT HERMS and a safety level float to protect...
  4. Islandboy85

    Float switch bypass

    So I’ve heard mixed reviews about float switches, but have several in the design for my brewery. I’m gona add a 1/4” switch into the wiring to be able to bypass the switch in case it fails during a brew day, but can’t decide if I want to put these rarely used bypass switches inside the control...
  5. Islandboy85

    Wire management

    So, what’s your preferred wire management in your control panel? Vote, comment, and definitely post a picture!
  6. Islandboy85

    Chlorine Crystal Buckey

    Scored a couple 10 or so gallon chlorine crystal buckets from the local pool guy. The lids don’t have any o-rings, and I was just wondering if anyone has ever had any issues with no o-ring in there lids? I’m thinking it’ll be one less crevice to clean, and CO2 should form a blanketing layer over...
  7. Islandboy85

    Schematic Programs/Apps

    Hey guys, I thought it would be nice to hear from everyone your favorite wiring diagram/schematic programs and apps you use when designing your control panels.
  8. Islandboy85

    Imperial IPA

    Happy Pelican's Brewery presents Undertow Imperial IPA. I had some issues with my boil off rate the day I brewed this, and it ended up about 9.8 or so before it was all said and done with. My friends loved it. It was better after letting it sit 6+ months, amazing at a year, and gone shortly...
  9. Islandboy85

    Lessons learned building a brew stand

    I'd like for everyone to be able to post what they wish they had done differently to help others like myself that want to build another or their first stand to keep from wasting their time and money. For instance, do you wish you had used 2inch tubing rather than 1inch, stainless over steel...
  10. Islandboy85

    HERMS coil mounting

    Ok, HERMS coil through the side of the HLT leaves no loose equipment banging around, and it's easier to drain it when I'm done. Alternatively mounting it through the lid lets you use it as an immersion chiller, but is harder to drain out after use. I'm trying to figure out what's best for me...
  11. Islandboy85

    DIY bus bar

    I've got some 1/2" thick phenolic and a large 1/8" thick copper plate. I'm thinking about making a couple of bus bars. Anyone have any experience here? I don't have any figure, but I would assume a 1" wide strip of that copper would be more than sufficient to carry the current for a 50 amp...
  12. Islandboy85

    Another fermenter chiller question

    So I've seen many different ways and used few of them to cool my brews. The lazy bucket of water with the fermenter in is works ok, but I'd like to step up to something like the cool zone jacket or FTS immersion chiller for my ales. I'd love to try a lager, but I'm not Gina invest in a glycol...
  13. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    I'll be documenting my conversion to electric here. Feel free to comment.
  14. Islandboy85


    What's the general practice for stranded wire hookups? It seems like a lot of European regs call for crimps on stranded wire that goes into terminals, but not in the U.S. Does anyone else use crimps on the end of their stranded wire? I'm getting ready to assemble the cords for my elements using...
  15. Islandboy85

    ATC Blade Fuses?

    I've seen some talk of people using ATC fuses in their control panels. Can someone explain the if I'm missing something? Are they only using them to protect low voltage DC wiring or 110/220 AC circuits as well? The reason I ask is because I haven't seen any 110/220 blade fuses. Not to say they...
  16. Islandboy85

    Filter housing converted to...

    So I scored a stainless filter housing we changed out of a plane. I come upon these from time to time, but not often. I want to build a lauter grant at some point, but am not sure if this is too small for the task. I...
  17. Islandboy85

    DIN terminal block sleeves?

    I scavenged a bunch of DIN terminal blocks from some old equipment at work. I looked them up online, and it says they don't recommend using stranded wire in ten without crimping sleeves onto the wire ends. Anyone know of some sleeves that don't require a $300 crumpet or alternatively can be...
  18. Islandboy85

    How many SSRs?

    It seems like many of the schematics I've seen out there only control one of the 220 lines through an SSR. Wouldn't you want to control both lines with dual SSRs?
  19. Islandboy85

    My conversion plans

    I am in the process of building a house, so the apartment brewery will have to get a makeover. I'm converting from a two burner two tier RIMS brewery to electric. It'll probably stay two tier. I'm probably going to use an Arduino, but I was given a Beaglebone Black a while back that's an...
  20. Islandboy85

    Show off your RIMS

    Pictures of your RIMS tube, and the rest of the control system for it.