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  1. Rhoobarb

    Georgia Chicken City Ale Raisers LTHBD event at Left Nut Brewing!

    The Chicken City Ale Raisers, will be hosting Learn To Homebrew Day on November 5th! The event begins at 12:00 noon at Left Nut Brewing in Gainesville, GA. A link to their website and directions is below. Anyone can attend and if you know of others who would like to attend, bring them along! You...
  2. Rhoobarb

    Chicken City Ale Raisers

    We're not a new club, but the Chicken City Ale Raisers are looking to expand and invite anyone - experienced or not, young or old, male or female... you get the picture - to check us out. We are based in the North Atlanta area (NE OTP Cumming, Suwanee, Buford, Gainesville) and meet the 2nd...
  3. Rhoobarb

    New Growler Store in Woodstock!

    Grand Opening July 3rd! Barrel And Barley
  4. Rhoobarb

    Big Brew Day Woodstock, GA 5/5

    Come join the Woodstock Malt Monkeys at Summits Wayside Tavern this Saturday, May 5th at 1:00pm. We will be brewing an Oktoberfest. We've got a few door prizes, and we should have a good time as always. Look forward to seeing you there! Summits Wayside Tavern 2990 Eagle Drive Woodstock, GA...
  5. Rhoobarb

    Moving to Atlanta

    Woodstock, GA to be exact. I took a new job in Duluth and will be moving Oct. 21st-22nd. I've lived in the Chicago area since 1973, save for a 2-1/2 year stint in the 1980s back in my birth state of Texas. We're looking forward to the change and lack of snow & ice. I used to call on Atlanta a...
  6. Rhoobarb

    Advanced Chemistry of Beer and Brewing Webinar

    Wish I could watch this, but work gets in the way. Maybe some of you can enjoy this. Dr. Charles Bamforth will be giving his insight about the chemistry behind brewing beer followed by a Q&A session. More info here.
  7. Rhoobarb

    Plainfield/Naperville, IL Area Homebrew Club 2nd Meeting...

    This is just a reminder that our next meeting is Thursday October 14th at 7:00 PM at Limestone Brewing Company on Rt. 59 in Plainfield. If you missed out the forst time, we hope to see you there on the 14th! Congratulations to Ken McMullen and Limestone Brewing Company for winning a silver...
  8. Rhoobarb

    Ordinary Bitter Mister Mertz's Bitter

    This was my attempt to clone Timothy Taylor's Landlord. I have never tasted TTL, but it just sounded so good from all I had read about it. This version went quickly at our house. How quickly? Well, I kegged it April 27th and forced carbed it. Pulled the first pint six days later on May 1st and...
  9. Rhoobarb

    Schwarzbier May The Schwarz Be With You

    I brewed this on Oct. 25, 2009 and after lagering at freezing temps in the garage for the last eight weeks, I put this on tap last night (Jan. 11, 2010) to carb up. I pulled a sample, had a taste and I have to say that this is a winner! Just enough roast character to know it is there; it...
  10. Rhoobarb

    Chicago Area Meet @ Two Brothers Tap House!

    Several of us local homebrewers (including members of SNIZZLE homebrew club) will be meeting at 1:00pm Saturday, Dec. 12th at Two Brothers Tap House in Warrenville. Spouses/sig others are invited. The brewery tours start at 1:00pm and 2:30pm. Two Brothers Tap House See you there!
  11. Rhoobarb

    Märzen WeddingFest (Oktoberfest/Marzen)

    I've brewed this twice. First time was for my wedding in Sept., 2008, hence the name. I am on the last keg of this year's batch and it'll be bittersweet when that keg kicks! This has gotten high marks from those who've tried it. It's nice & malty and will be an annual March brew session. I'll...
  12. Rhoobarb

    Free Hops!

    Free hops and lots of 'em if you're in Washington State!
  13. Rhoobarb

    RIP Ellie Greenwich

    You may not know the name, but you'll probably recognize the songs: RIP Ellie Greenwich
  14. Rhoobarb

    Dunkles Bock Snow Day Bock

    BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: Snow Day Bock Brewer: Mark Pannell Asst Brewer: Style: Traditional Bock TYPE: All Grain Taste: (47.0) Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.82 gal Estimated OG: 1.078 SG...
  15. Rhoobarb

    Seth Sullivan Irish Red Ale

    ~~~~~~~~~ BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: Seth Sullivan Irish Red Ale Brewer: Mark Pannell Asst Brewer: Style: Irish Red Ale TYPE: All Grain Taste: (47.0) Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 11.00 gal Boil Size: 14.40 gal...
  16. Rhoobarb

    Rhoobarb - The Cat

    Well, the cat that I have owned for nearly 12 years and who is my namesake - Rhoobarb - became very ill this week. We'd noticed over the last couple of weeks that she looked to have lost a lot of weight. Her back was bony and her hindquarters very thin. We noticed in the last couple of days that...
  17. Rhoobarb

    Austin, TX - where to move to?

    For those HBT'ers in the Austin area, I need some advice on where to relocate. My wife and I plan on retiring to Texas as soon as I can reach a retirement stage, which is still a few years away. But I began thinking about it today with more seriousness b/c of this: Gov. Quinn Threatens 50%...
  18. Rhoobarb

    Two Brothers' "For the Love of Hops!" Fest

    Just saw this on their website. It is the same day as my stepson's 20th birthday, so it's iffy as to whether I can go or not. If there is any possible way to go, I'll be there!
  19. Rhoobarb

    Vote: Best Midwest Craft Brewery

    For all you Midwesterners, here's a chance to cast your vote for the Best Midwest Craft Brewery: (Must manually type; I can't get this to work here - for some reason, it's censored: " the full pint dot com/2009/03/28/best-midwest-craft-brewery "
  20. Rhoobarb

    Auburn University Homebrewer Survey

    I got this in my email from the AHA and thought it would be a good thing to share. Worthwhile, IMHO. Here is what they sent me: