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  1. LordofBeers

    Bitter flavor from spices

    So I just bottled a spiced winter ale and noticed a bitter flavor (and not a good hops bitter) but a bitter maybe from the spices. I used fresh ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. I'm wondering if this will mellow in the bottle? The beer tastes great but has that bitter ending I'd rather not...
  2. LordofBeers

    Beer Mac n Cheese

    Hey Beerlovers! Looking for a beer Mac n cheese recipe. Any good ones out there? The cheesier and gooier the better! Help!
  3. LordofBeers

    Beer Miester restoration question!

    I acquired an old Beer Miester from my Father-in-Law! :rockin: Works like a champ, but has seen better days. Being as anal retentive as I am, I want to spruce this thing up a bit, particularly repaint the inside. I have ordered all new parts (new tower, C02 tank, hoses and fittings, etc). My...
  4. LordofBeers

    Newb trying to name my Brewery...Help!

    So I am new to the forum and Home Brewing. I am looking for help in naming my brewery. I currently live in Las Vegas, but prefer not to use that as a basis for the name. My last name is Lord, but that might be too religious sounding? I absolutely LOVE Stone Brewery's name and logo. Would love...