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  1. millsbrew

    WLP568 double ferment???

    I had this yeast on hand for 3-4 months. I have built up a starter 2 times for 3 batches (basic saison, braggot, and a this batch was a Belgian single). The Belgian single had 22IBU (the highest of the 3 batches) and an OG of 1.050 (the lowest of the 3) which included 0.33# of sugar. The...
  2. millsbrew

    Flanders Red repitch?

    Got my hands on Bootleg Biology Sour Solera. Unfortunately no activity after 24 hours at 68f in the fermentation chamber. Wanted input on what to pitch since clearly I’m not going to get my hands on another from Bootleg. I heard WLP007 is a good sacc for the style and then just get some...
  3. millsbrew

    ITC-308 with a fan

    Trying to save an electrical outlet. I want to put a computer fan in my new keezer and I want it to run 24/7 ideally. Without splicing wires if possible. My thought was to use the heating outlet for that. Is there any way to get mess with the differentials so the fan runs 99% of the day except...
  4. millsbrew

    Blichmann kettle help

    I want to remove this piece to thoroughly clean my 3piece. I must be doing something wrong because it doesn’t want to come off. Don’t want to keep using elbow grease and break something. Turning it with a wrench on both sides isn’t working. Thanks.
  5. millsbrew

    Are dregs worth it?

    Last few years I have been using dregs in my sours. I started blending my own sours recently and noticed they are all super dry, despite mashing higher and cooler aging temps. I am wondering if the dregs I am using have too much wine/champagne yeast? Is there a way to get extra bugs without...
  6. millsbrew

    Riptide issue

    I've had the pump for about 4 months now after replacing a chugger pump that failed. Overall it's a great pump, but I have been struggling with it since day 1. Every time I reassemble it and try to run my HLT water through, it leaks. I've tried spraying it with starsan and I've tried running...
  7. millsbrew

    Crazy idea for flat corked beer

    I bottled a Flanders red after 14 months and proceeded to cork it. I tossed in some Brett to help carbonate the beer. But after a month, still nothing on the carb front. Going to try warming them up on a heat mat, but I was thinking of a crazy idea to help it. What about adding more liquid...
  8. millsbrew

    Quick Sour Hef?

    Any try one? I've made a Gose a handful of times using US-05 (or the like) yeast for ferment and I like them but want to get off the beaten path. I was thinking about kicking up gravity to 1.050 and kettle souring to about 3.5ph. Get some esters going in there to make it more complex...
  9. millsbrew

    IPL Water profile

    I’ve seen conflicting views on water profiles for IPL. Some say to keep it mineral light like most euro lagers, others go so far as to recommend close to a Burton profile. Any new views on this? I’ll be making a Chinook SMaSH IPL. Thanks in advance.
  10. millsbrew

    Brett C help

    Didn’t have much luck in the Wild/lambic forum. Anyone ever see floaters like this in a Brett starter?
  11. millsbrew

    Brett C floaters

    I’m bottling a sour today (hopefully). I keep a starter of Brett C to use on sours over a year old. Never saw these white floaters on the surface before. Should I be concerned and not use it? Smells and tastes like a normal bretted beer.
  12. millsbrew

    Kettle sour infection question

    So my kettle sour is clearly infected with some form of yeast. Must have come from my lacto starter because I did a 30 min boil to fix a low gravity issue. Gravity was 1.039 and pH was 3.99. Now it's 1.014 and pH is 3.13. The taste is actually kind of bland with a slight tang. So I was...
  13. millsbrew

    Flaked wheat in bru'n water

    What malt type should I be selecting for flaked wheat or any flaked malt? Thanks in advance.
  14. millsbrew

    Fast sour hef

    I had planned a sour hef. I have some leftover lacto starter from a fast sour gose and now I'm thinking of a fast sour hef. The 5.5g recipe will have an SG of 1.055 and 2# of flaked wheat for body. I was considering a fast sour with just my base malts, mashing flaked and adding it to boil...
  15. millsbrew

    wlp693 l. plantarum starter

    Looking to do a kettle sour with this for a gose. Anyone have suggestions on how to build a starter for it? Aerobic, temp, etc? Thanks.
  16. millsbrew

    Bru'n water help

    I've just "upgraded" to an e-HERMS setup and my last few batches have been very inconsistent. My last batch I had horrible efficiency (67%), the one prior was 86%. I have been using RO water for a few years, but only recently has my efficiency been all over the place. So I bit the bullet and...
  17. millsbrew

    Kettle sour Q?

    Didn't see many posts in here for e-kettle sours. I am making a gose and have a Kal clone system using a boilcoil. My plan is 10 min boil, chill to 100f, pitch lacto, spray kettle with CO2, toss on lid and cover with blankets/heating pads, but also have my pid running at 101f. Anyone have...
  18. millsbrew

    Haze and low calcium (lagers)

    Having haze problems with my latest lagers. My first two were just regular pilsners that were clear and tasty. Next was an IPL with great results. However my last 2 lagers have been very hazy until about half of the keg was kicked despite using a whole whirlfloc tablet in my 5.25g batches...
  19. millsbrew

    Fizzy cider

    Had some natural and cold pasteurized cider laying around and decided to make a batch. I wanted to do a Brett cider and added my yeast. However, I forgot to taste until I had already mixed it. I tasted the last bit in the jug and it was slightly fizzy. Any issues with this? Will the yeast...
  20. millsbrew

    WLP400 max alcohol %?

    Made an "imperial wit". OG came in at 1.091. I pitched a 2L starter of WLP400 at 67f and burst with O2. I let temp free rise up to 74f per the article below. It only took 60hrs to get there. Anyone else test the limits of WLP400? I'm wondering how much alcohol this thing can take...