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  1. Kaze

    Strawberry blonde

    It could be fun to split the secondary fermentation. Do 3 gallons with tincture and 3 gallons with real strawberries, then see what you prefer. In my experience real fruit adds mostly tartness.
  2. Kaze

    "Woman's beer" recipe ideas

    I recently brewed BM's Cream of Three Crops using WLP029, and dry hopped the keg for a few days with some Mosaic. My wife (who isn't a beer drinker), enjoyed it served nice and cold. I agree with Yooper it isn't really fair to label something a "woman's beer" though.
  3. Kaze

    The Ole' Window AC - Glycol Chiller Build

    Really cool! So how do you get the chilled glycol into the fermenters? An immersion coil in the fermenter with a fountain pump in the glycol?
  4. Kaze

    Try to be fancy then... Banana Bomb

    Mashed at 146*F / 63C for 60 min. Dropped to 142*F / 61C by the end. I think I probably underpitched somehow... but I'm surprised that it made so much banana esters.
  5. Kaze

    Try to be fancy then... Banana Bomb

    Last year I brewed about 100 gallons of beer, and was feeling confident so I decided to stretch my wings and try some new methods. Alas, like Icarus I flew too close to the sun. I brewed a simple Classic American Pils with some 6row, flaked corn, and Vienna. Single vessel BIAB, 10 gallon batch...
  6. Kaze

    First time treating water and using Bru'n Water, help needed.

    I believe the "Yellow Bitter" was renamed to "Yellow Dry" in the newer spreadsheet. My process is a little different than yours since I full volume BIAB. I just dump all of the minerals into the mash water. Having the water hot makes the minerals dissolve much faster. I did dissolve them in...
  7. Kaze

    How Many Gallons of Homebrew in 2018?

    10 gallons CAP 487+10 = 497
  8. Kaze

    First time treating water and using Bru'n Water, help needed.

    If you are doing an IPA and you want the hops to shine, go for the Pale Ale profile. If you want a little more malt, go with the Yellow Dry profile. You are correct. Dilute 100 with RO like you did. From what I have read, you don't have to worry about the bicarbonate. I use 100% RO water as...
  9. Kaze

    Light "grainy" style suggestions

    Sorry, should have said more about the process. I do a simple full volume AG BIAB. I usually order my grains crushed a few days to a week in advanced. I start with RO and use Brun Water to adjust according to style. As far as oxygen I purge a keg with co2 and then do a closed transfer by pushing...
  10. Kaze

    Light "grainy" style suggestions

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction... I had never heard of a Classic American Pils before (I guess the removed the category in the 2015 BJCP). I'm totally going to try this! Found a Recipe: Bushwick Pilsner (makes 5 gal) 8 lb six-row malt 1 lb flaked maize 1/2 lb...
  11. Kaze

    Light "grainy" style suggestions

    Tried to do some research but I'm not coming up with much, so any guidance would be appreciated. I really like that fresh grain taste that you get when the beer is only a week or two old. I brewed a pale ale back on 12/23 and just got it in the kegerator. It still has that sweet, fresh, grainy...
  12. Kaze

    RO Water Costs

    We have little drive up "watermill express" locations. $1 for 5 gallons. On Brew day I go and fill up two jugs. Not sure if they have them in your area
  13. Kaze

    Big Celebration Porter

    Sorry for the necro thread, but I hate it when people don't give updates. I brewed this beer back in May. Hit 8% ABV because I didn't have my system dialed in, but other than that it went great. Used RO water with some calcium chloride to highlight the malt. 90 min boil with 4lbs DME added at...
  14. American Porter (Ed recipe)

    American Porter (Ed recipe)

    Added DME for ABV boost. 90min boil. Served on Nitro
  15. Kaze

    Raising ABV (...and IBU)

    You can tray to add a few lbs of light DME and then increase to boil time to 90min to get more hop utilization. I did that with a porter and it worked really well. The DME will add some body while regular sugar will thin the beer out.
  16. Kaze

    230V Earth Leakage Protector

    Hello All, Currently in the process of researching an electric SSR controller. Would a 230v earth leakage protection breaker work on 240v? I already ordered the 230V, but I'll scrap it and order the 240V if necessary: Thanks!
  17. Kaze

    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    Brewed this on 5/12/17 with OG 1.078. FG 1.016 on 5/27 (around 8% ABV) so I kegged and started conditioning at room temp. Sample was coming along nicely... you can definitely feel the warmth of the alcohol, which will hopefully mellow over time. Still undecided on adding the malto. I feel the...
  18. Kaze

    German Pils Gavin's Glorious German Pilsner

    Answered my own question. About 1.3 tsp (6.5g) of gypsum got the water profile pretty close when using 8 gallons RO water full volume mash. Got it even closer with some more tweaking. .
  19. Kaze

    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    I'm going to brew this on Friday. I plan on doing a 90min boil, and adding 4lbs of DME to get me around 9% ABV. I'll rack it on top of a healthy nottingham yeast cake and start the fermentation at 54*F and slowly raise it up. Once it is finished I'll keg and age it for six months or so. Wish me...
  20. Kaze

    Big Celebration Porter

    Hi all, Pretty new here but I've done quite a bit of lurking. So far I have 1 extract and 1 AG brew under my belt (2nd AG currently in the primary). Anyways, my plan is to make a big porter and let it age in the keg for 7 months, and then serve it up after the baby is born :) . I was...