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  1. mr jones

    Airlock vs. Blowoff tube?

    blow offs are very useful if you have very active yeast that makes a nice thick foamy head, and it can get into your airlock and leak out onto your fermenter especially if you don't have a lot of room in you fermenter.
  2. mr jones

    my airlock water evaporated?

    i've had a suck back before and when i added some tap water (not thinking) some went straight into the fermenter. after worrying for a week i bottled it and it turned out the be an awesome brew
  3. mr jones

    DME as stop leak for my brewpot

    so i was heating up my new brew pot that was supposed to be 16 qt. and i put 3 gallons of water in it and it was almost to the top. then i see a rivet is leaking. so i pour some water back into the jug and mash in my grains as normal. well when i added my DME it went back over the rivet. started...
  4. mr jones

    My beer has no head

    2 words, cara pils, i use it in almost every brew. i started using it in my third brew and that was one of my best beers, so its kinda like my rabbits foot. it helps with head retention and adds some mouth feel, with little color and taste modification. -nick
  5. mr jones

    bee cave brewery

    ohh man thats awesome i think i have a new hero.
  6. mr jones

    bee cave brewery

    i seem to remember that ed wort's brewery is bee cave brewery. and i am on brewmasters warehouse recipe site and some of the brews are from bee cave brewery. is this a coincidence?
  7. mr jones

    How to figure conversion through steeping?

    if you are trying to hit a target OG you can take the gravity after steeping your grains and then adding extract as necessary. i am reading designing great beers by ray daniels and it has a lot of equations for you to hone your beers to exactly the specifications you want. I have spent all...
  8. mr jones

    Adding Fruit

    i read in beer magazine (this months issue) that usually you add 1 pound for each gallon (ei 5 lbs for 5 gallons, 3 lbs for 3 gallons). next check and make sure the berries are in someway sterilized. the mag says do not boil the fruit it sets the pectins and will cause hazy beer. i have used...
  9. mr jones

    cara-pils ?

    i use carapils in just about every recipe i make. it imparts very little color (just over 1 lovibond) no detectable flavor in ales, but adds body and helps with head retention.
  10. mr jones

    you know you're a homebrewer when...

    you know you're a home brewer when... ..."i think taking a new job in texas is a great idea, its only an hour away from austin homebrew supply." and ..."i think its a great idea to go visit your mom in austin, i need to make a grain and hops run."
  11. mr jones

    Cracked primary bucket

    +1 on the [email protected]$$ service ahs provides. -nick
  12. mr jones

    crack in fermenter lid

    its an american style ale pitched with safbrew -33 and dryhopped with ekg @ 4.5 AA
  13. mr jones

    crack in fermenter lid

    i was racking to my secondary about 10 minutes ago and i noticed that my fermenters lid had a crack on the lip. it looks like the seal is not compromised. just wondering if anyone else uses a cracked lid, or if i should get a new one. ohh my ale also tasted faintly of peanut butter (not the...
  14. mr jones

    Help picking kit

    not sure about shipping costs but it looks like midwest's is the cheapest and you get the most beer storage for your buck. if you time it right you can have 3 batches going at a time. if i read the description right. all of them didn't come with bottles so start saving your brown pry off empties...
  15. mr jones

    LHBS in the Tampa Bay Area

    i had the same problem when the brew shack closed down. then i found this place. they sell to big breweries its a little hard to find but they have good stuff. especially for all grain folks. not too sure about it lately they were just starting to get their homebrew section up and running about...
  16. mr jones

    racking from primary to bottling bucket

    +1 figbash i use my bottling bucket as a primary rack to secondary then bottle with the bucket as normal. i like to let gravity do the work. just check the seals are not too loose or tight before you rack the wort. also +1 on the auto siphon it is indeed fool proof, just pump once and it goes. i...
  17. mr jones

    ABV too high for yeast?

    about 2 weeks in the primary, its an american ale style and i used safbrew s-33 dry yeast if that helps. i know air lock is not the fail safe way to show fermentation but the hydrometer has held at 5 plato for over a week. -nick
  18. mr jones

    Matching gravities

    starters are used to wake up the yeast and get them eating but not enough to stress them out. Especially when pitching into higher gravity beers, its like throwing frozen beef in a scalding hot pan, it works for a moment but it goes down hill fast after that. it is always best to wake up the...
  19. mr jones

    ABV too high for yeast?

    how long should you wait for the fermentation? i'm in a similar situation. I have a beer that started out at 14o P and stopped at 5o P. I was estimating it would be around 2 or 3 P. When i pitched the yeast it was rocking and fermenting in a few hours. went strong for a day and then stopped at...
  20. mr jones

    how much water?

    when using extract recipes that doesn't have a specific amount of water to boil the wort does it mater of you use 2 or 3 gallons the gravity should come out the same at the final volume correct?.