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  1. DragonTail

    I need your opinion guys (microbrewery ideas)

    Welcome :mug: I agree with Anodyne Brewing Company, think that would be the best of the ones you have.
  2. DragonTail

    Corking a Belgian Dubbel...

    Yes I used "mushroom" corks & cages.
  3. DragonTail

    Corking a Belgian Dubbel...

    Ended up using Five Star SaniClean, I was using it to sanitize the bottles so saved some for the corks.
  4. DragonTail

    Corking a Belgian Dubbel...

    OK, I knew that much. I guess a better question would have been "what should I soak them in?" Is it better to user the sulfite solution or will StarSan work?
  5. DragonTail

    Corking a Belgian Dubbel...

    I'm going to cork my Belgian Dubbel tomorrow. I've corked many wines and meads. The question I have is, when I've done the wines and meads, I soak the corks in sulfite, should I soak these in something also? Thanks. :)
  6. DragonTail

    No bubbles

    Welcome :mug: As others have said, warm it up and let it sit longer, I've had batches take over a month to carb up.
  7. DragonTail

    Bottling for carbed cider - when to bottle?

    Let it rest, be patient. It will clear up more and you will be sure it is done if you let it sit longer. My first batch I bottle early, it was done, but still cloudy. I ended up with a lot of sediment at the bottom of the bottles.
  8. DragonTail

    How long can mead sit on vanilla beans in secondary?

    I've used 2 in a 5 gal batch, 1 in primary and another in the secondary. When I rack, I also transfer the first bean over to the secondary.
  9. DragonTail

    Feedback on adding cocoa to cherry cough syrup (...mead)

    If you can find some chocolate extract, then you can do test samples to figure out how much to add to make the batch taste how you want. Take a small size sample of your base mead, measure the size of the sample, mark down how much extract it takes to make the sample taste good, and then scale...
  10. DragonTail

    No knead, slow rise bread. (with video)

    I've also used wheat bran. :)
  11. DragonTail

    My first Berliner

    Starsan from Five Star will work for the carboy, adn from what I've heard from others, may work for everything else. Safest is to use/get separate, non-glass equipment (tubing,racking cane, bung, bottling wand), for the "bug" batches.
  12. DragonTail

    Cooking a Christmas goose?

    I've had goose for Christmas almost every year of my life, at the gatherings for my Mom's side of the family. It can be greasy, but then you don't have to worry about it drying out as much as turkey white meat can. We almost always found a local farm to get the goose from, which usually gave a...
  13. DragonTail

    Making a great mead with clover honey - opinions/recipes needed

    Vanilla Metheglyn is a good one, just add 1 split vanilla bean to the primary and leave it in there till you bottle. :)
  14. DragonTail

    Fermentation with Honey

    I do my primaries, usually, in a bucket, so I alternate adding honey and cider and use a whisk to blend together.
  15. DragonTail

    Fermentation with Honey

    Buckwheat honey is strong, from what I understand. I've used honey many times in ciders, technically cysers, usually using clover honey. It sort of depends on who much you want to boost the alcohol and how much of the honey you want to come through in the finished product. If you are already...
  16. DragonTail


    Welcome :mug: I agree with all who said to get away from the canned kits. ;)
  17. DragonTail

    I'm in a little to deep

    Sounds like you are on the right track. Don't worry, you will have a "good" drinkable product. Like others have said, don't go by a calendar. This years batch, for me, came out to 1.000 by the hydrometer. About a week ago I racked to a secondary to clear, and it started "working" again. Just...
  18. DragonTail

    I need a pizza dough recipe

    That's pretty much the same recipe I use, except I put the dough into a zip top bag after the first rise and toss in the fridge over night. Take the dough out of the fridge about a half hour before you want to make the pizza and then roll out, top, and bake. This method gives you a chewier...
  19. DragonTail

    Cider/Apfelwein in Growlers?

    I've use the flip top style growlers for carbed ciders many times with no problems.