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  1. denimglen

    How much do you leave behind in the kettle?

    Hello all, I apologise if this has been asked before, a search didn't bring much up. My brewhouse efficiency is currently at about 66% for 20L into the fermenter. I'm losing from 3.5 - 4L to trub in the kettle, which seems like a lot, if I can reduce this to 2L my efficiency jumps to...
  2. denimglen

    Dry hopping sours

    Hey all, I'm doing my first sour at the moment - Flander's Red, JZs recipe, fermented with Roselare from the start. It's been in the primary for about 2 months now, I was thinking of splitting off about 3 gallons for bulk aging, 1 gal onto a couple pounds of raspberries, and another gal...
  3. denimglen

    Anyone made a low OG IPA?

    Sitting here sipping on an English IPA (Burton-On-Housatonic from BYO) and I was wondering if I could make a really hoppy session beer, a low gravity IPA sorta thing. I was thinking of maybe dropping the gravity to about 1.040 and bitterness to about 35 IBUs which keeps it at the same...
  4. denimglen

    Quick question about Crystal and CaraMunich

    I've done a little searching but haven't found too much information. Are the German/Weyermann Cara-malts, eg. CaraMunich, CaraAmber, CaraHell etc malts any different to normal Crystal/Caramel malts? Can I substitute without too much taste difference? My LHBS only carries, Light Cara...
  5. denimglen

    Experiment for Malt Taste Analysis...maybe

    So I've been thinking for a while now on how to do a taste comparison test between different specialty malts and what they add to a beer. I'm not a very good 'taster' as such and I reckon this would help me get my head around what I can taste (malt-wise) in a beer. Last weekend I saw a video...
  6. denimglen

    Could someone please check my calcs for this kettle-efficiency spreadsheet?

    Hello all, I've just roughed up a spreadsheet on Excel to use during the brewday to adjust gravity one way or another if it's too high/low. Basically just follow the flow chart entering in the values as necessary. If the gravity is too low then you can calculate the extract to add or...
  7. denimglen

    Campden to kill infection?

    I've got a SNCA clone in the secondary at the moment. I added the dry hops to it about a week and a half ago. All looked fine until I checked on it - last time I saw it was when dry hopping. When I checked on it yesterday to see if the hops (pellets) had sunk yet I noticed the top of it...
  8. denimglen

    Is alpha acid % relative to flavour/aroma?

    Kind of a newbie question but... In general is alpha acid percentage relative to the amount of aroma and/or flavour the hops have? Will a high alpha acid hop have a more intense or stronger aroma/flavour compared to a low alpha acid variety? Also, if I'm using a recipe that calls for...
  9. denimglen

    Sour Mash?

    Anyone here do them? Are they worth the time/effort? What styles are they good for? Anybody have any recipes? Read about it when I was flicking through The Joy Of Homebrewing and thought it might be a good way to try brewing some sour beers as liquid cultures are pretty expensive in...
  10. denimglen

    First label - Denimbrauhaus

    Just messing around. Only a draft really, I'll change up the colours later. I like the two font's but they don't go all that well together. Need to fix up the barely image. Got some negative space issues to sort out too.
  11. denimglen

    Freezing LME?

    Can you do it? How long does it last? DME is expensive where I live but LME isn't too bad. Thought it would be good to have on hand when I miss my target OG or need to make a starter. I did a search but it didn't turn anything up... Cheers!
  12. denimglen

    Confused about kegs and balance

    I've been reading and searching and trying to figure this out but it doesn't seem to click...I'd say I'm just over complicating things a bit as well. Ok where to start... Pretty much want I want to sort out is a nice balanced system that works for a wide range of styles of beer. Where I...
  13. denimglen


    Dunno if a topic like this has been started before. Let's here ya recipes with leftover ingredients and how they turned out, or are most people ultra-economical buying only what they need?
  14. denimglen

    Yeast spread recipe?

    Anyone have one by any chance? I remember seeing one online about a year back but as things go I can't find it again. Cheers :mug:
  15. denimglen

    Some questions and calculations, pleeeeeeeeeeease help :-)

    Ok where to start....Sorry about the metric measurements, when I have a little more time I'll edit them to the US equivalents. I'll start off by describing my equipment. 18L (to the brim) SS Pot 14L (to the brim) Ali Pot 25L (to the brim) SS Still boiler 19L/5 Gallon MLT Rubbermaid w/...
  16. denimglen


    Hello everyone, I started a couple of brews about three weeks ago, two of the same brand pilsner using the same method. After about 7 days the SG was about 1.005 so I bottled one and racked the second brew to the secondary to see how it compared. The second brew has been in the secondary...
  17. denimglen

    What to look for in a cider?

    I've seen a lot of articles about what to look for in beer and how to judge it, like clarity, color etc. Does anyone have any articles on what to look for in a cider? Cheers, -Glen
  18. denimglen

    My Cider Experiment

    Was bored today and had a bit of cash so I tried making a cider from scratch. Roughly following a recipe from a friend, here's what I did: Ingrdients Approx 6 kg Apples (around 30 medium-big sized ones) 3 kg Cane Sugar 3 x Cartons of Apple Juice Concentrate (Each carton makes 1 L) 1...
  19. denimglen

    Halfing a recipe...

    I was thinking of brewing up a batch of hard lemonade, but incase I don't like it I don't want to have 60 odd 350mL bottles and have wasted valuable brewing time to have a batch of stuff I don't like Will halfing a recipe affect it in any way, anything to look out for? It will also half the...