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  1. Islandboy85

    Show us your compact mobile brew stand

    Nice! What size tubing is that? 1in square with 1/16in wall?
  2. Islandboy85

    Show us your compact mobile brew stand

    It stores pretty well next to the stuff shelf and toolbox.
  3. Islandboy85

    Show us your compact mobile brew stand

    Ok, we have the unistrut brew stand thread, wood and metal brew stand threads, but I haven’t yet seen one dedicated to the compact mobile specific. I know many people share my own issue of limited storage space, or having to brew in an area other than they store the brewery. So, I’ll start. I’m...
  4. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    Nothing was plugged into those plugs. In retrospect I should have tapped the power on the downstream side of the contactor... thanks.
  5. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    Started smoke checking the system. The safe start interlock relay had issues due to the silkscreen ID on top of the relay, stamped ID in the Boynton if the relay, and the relay socket all having at least one error each not matching the data sheet... thanks a lot Uxcell. The power meter ended up...
  6. Islandboy85

    "Trident" electric brewery on Arduino mega 2560

    First off, having been born outside the US and lived there until my late teen years I can agree English is tough, but yours is fine! Congrats on the build! It looks good.
  7. Islandboy85

    HERMS system for 2bbl brewery

    A good friend of mine that brewed a 3-1/2 barrel system for almost 15 years, and moved to his own brewery if 14 barrels said that’s getting into the range for steam heat.
  8. Islandboy85

    Why don't U.S macrobrews taste like European?

    That was a good tour, and I agree. Unfiltered Bud is great. Once it’s processed and packaged not so much.
  9. Islandboy85

    Bottle Bomb

    I lost 9 bottles. They fragged glass from the spare bed room, down the hallway, and into the living room of our old apartment. There was still bits of glass I found when we moved out. Lucky for me I have bought a wed dry vac that week. I switched to kegs after that. WAAAAAYYYY easier. Want to...
  10. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    I will also say having bout 6 Meters of PT100 metal stainless braided cable that stripping the fiberglass inner insulation off the conductors is a bit of a pain. I’m starting to figure out some tricks.
  11. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    For a lot of my low voltage, temp sensors, float switches, and float switch bypassing switches I used scrap M27500 aircraft wiring. Most of it was shielded twisted pair, but I was lucky to have a little triple twist for the temp sensors. I like this stuff because it’s Teflon jacketed and can the...
  12. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    Just need to bond all the receptacles time case ground, and the inside should be done. Hopefully I’ll get that knocked out tomorrow, and start on the wire harnesses. Still have to fab the HLT. HERMS coil is more or leas shaped. Also borrowing a MAP torch this weekend to try silver soldering up...
  13. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    Got everything tied up nice and neat.
  14. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    Got both SSR installed again with thermal grease, and the seal installed for the panel.
  15. Islandboy85

    Texas Texas grains, Texas malt.

    Any updates on LHBS carrying your malt?
  16. Islandboy85

    Texas Brewing competitions?

    Deep Ellum Brewery Labor of Love annual competition.
  17. Islandboy85

    How to attach a wooden side to a stainless steel work bench?

    If you’re looking to avoid drilling trough the stainless I’d bore a hole through a block of wood slightly larger than the legs, cut it in half, glue it back around the legs, and then screw into it.
  18. Islandboy85

    Free Brewery New Norms course by Cornell

    A friend shared this with me since she knows I brew. I’m sure it’ll be more useful net y’all running a business.
  19. Islandboy85

    Electric conversion

    So, I’ve had some time off like a lot of people. I’m back to finishing this long overdue project. Highly embarrassed I’ve taken this many... years. Anyway. Here’s it mostly finished. it has a safe start interlock to cover the pump and heating element switches, the water pump has a second mode...
  20. Islandboy85

    Filter housing converted to...

    I think I may have found a possible contender for my next house when I brew in the garage rather than out in the back yard. Boil kettle condenser - no overhead ventilation needed