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  1. Krrazy

    Lamott to Bru'n Water Spreadsheet

    Hi all, quick back story -- I've been brewing all grain for ten years and about six years ago made the jump to controlling my water chemistry starting with RO water as a clean slate. I recently moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania and decided to look into using my own tap water to avoid the extra...
  2. Krrazy

    Immersion Chiller Strain Relief?

    I'm looking for some ideas that have worked well for others; I just upgraded my chiller to add recirculation capability but after brewing the first time the weight of the garden hose plus the recirculation hose pulls the chiller down and some of it rises out of the wort. I'm looking for a good...
  3. Krrazy

    Mathematical Models for Brewing

    Hi out there, I just wanted to poll the forum on something. I have a final project due in a few weeks for a masters-level systems engineering course in modeling and simulation and I'd love to find something homebrew-related that meets the requirements of the project. The toughest ones are...
  4. Krrazy

    Sticky Low Pressure Gauge

    I just wanted to check other people's experiences -- about a year ago I purchased most of a kegging setup from Keg Cowboy. I really liked their gauges with the rubber protectors on them. I kept the equipment packed as it came for about an year due to various factors and am finally starting...
  5. Krrazy

    As the second vendor review I've done, I wanted to start providing honest and timely feedback on my ordering experiences to help the rest of the HBT population. The majority of the pieces of my kegging equipment came from I've been bottling for two years now and the stars...
  6. Krrazy

    Vendor Review -

  7. Krrazy

    Vendor Review -

    This is my first vendor review. I recently (5/31/2011) bought myself a kegging setup as a birthday gift and wanted to do some reviews to go along with the orders. I went with for the first part of my order -- 4 pin-lock kegs. This vendor caught my attention with their great price...
  8. Krrazy

    Immersion Chiller Stability

    I just wanted to solicit the crowd to see how people are keeping their ICs stable as they use them. I have 50' of 3/8" soft copper tubing that I wrapped around a bucket to shape. It looks nice and works well but I don't like that it doesn't really have much rigidity. It acts like a slinky...
  9. Krrazy

    Partial Boil - Math Check Please

    After two years of brewing 3 gallon batches, I've started upgrading my equipment with two 6 gallon glass carboys. I still have the same kettle so far and I'd like to ask for a double check on my first partial boil recipe. Thank you very much in advance! I typically boil 4 gallons in a 5 gal...
  10. Krrazy

    Chilling Wort in Arizona

    I'm just looking for some tips and tricks from Arizona brewers (and others who brew in hot climates) to get wort down to pitching temperature now that we're getting into the hot months. I just brewed an ESB on Tuesday after work and had a hard time getting it down below 74F using hose water...
  11. Krrazy

    2nd Pitching Advice on a Belgian Strong

    I'm getting close to the end of fermentation on a batch of Belgian strong ale (OG 1.078, est. FG 1.012) and looking for a little pre-bottling yeast advice. I'm brewing a recipe from Beer Captured that calls for pitching a second dose of Wyeast 1388 three days prior to bottling after a seven...
  12. Krrazy

    Carbonation and Apfelwein

    Hi all, I've read that apfelwein can take longer to carb. than beer and that a lot of people enjoy it that way but in my search for details I haven't come up with what I'm looking for. Can a few folks please share some details on their experiences on that (what method is used, ratios, and...
  13. Krrazy

    Two Pot Boil Guidance

    Hello All Grain Brewers, I've been brewing all grain since day one and have four brews under my belt and think I've been doing pretty well so far. These have all been small batches by most of your standards I'm sure, they were one gallon, and I'm getting ready to start upping my output. I...
  14. Krrazy

    Sulphiter/Vinator Help

    Well, this post falls into both the equipment and sanitation categories. I just got a Ferrari brand "Avvinatore" in the mail. The unit came disassembled and the instructions are somewhat lacking. There is an exploded diagram on flap of the box, but it doesn't really provide much detail on...
  15. Krrazy


    Thanks first for all of the good information contained within. :tank: I just cracked my first (and second) bottle and have a question for the forum based on my results. My first batch is an all grain Tripel from Brooklyn Brew Shop ( After three weeks in the...