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  1. xeerohour

    Keg ball lock fitting stuck

    I just wanted to say thanks for this thread. I didn't realize I could unscrew the ball lock post from the top to access the inside, then the suggestion to soak the inside in boiling water did the trick for me. As others had done, I accidentally put a liquid fitting on the gas port and got...
  2. xeerohour

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Swap and Critique Thread

    CrystallineEntity, I found one of yours in my fridge today. It's held up well, strong raisin notes, a bit thin, but very solid. It's a good beer. I'm sorry I didn't tell you this before.
  3. xeerohour

    Munich Dunkel Uncle Crunkel's Munich Dunkel (AG)

    Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe. I brewed this yesterday, did a double decoction (131 / 143 / 153), and pitched s-23 lager yeast last night.
  4. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    Quick update on the beer itself. I think I overdid it on the amber malt, and underdid it on the hops. It's not nearly as much of a showcase for the hops as I had hoped it would be. It's a fine beer - 5%, full of flavor, clean, beautiful head, nice biscuit aroma and finish. It's just not...
  5. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    So, wound up pulling a sample of my backyard wheat ale this evening while I kegged it. It's still a bit yeasty, and flat, but I think it'll be a solid beer. 1.047 dropped to 1.007 for 5% ABV, but it tastes very smooth and light. A very clean bitterness that's not out of proportion, not a...
  6. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    I'm starting to have some issues with this years harvest. I've gotten in the habit of heading over to my folk's house every weekend, and picking hops for about an hour. However, with the three varieties intermingled, and with varying weather conditions, I'm having a whale of a time making...
  7. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    Got another batch this morning - starting to get more Centennials, I'm not sure why they took so much longer than the other 2 to start producing. I'm going to brew a beer to showcase them tomorrow: 4lb Wheat 4lb 2-row 8oz Amber Malt 1oz hop mix @ 30min 2oz hop mix @ 5min 1 pack safale...
  8. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    Round 2! Went back this morning hoping I could get all the Columbus. Man, was I wrong. Those things are loaded. I only wound up getting a few feet wide worth of the trellis - maybe the left 5 feet, of about 25 feet. Huge harvest this morning - I had to stop when my shopping bag got...
  9. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    Have you guys tried dry hopping with fresh hops? I attempted to do that last year and it was a mistake - I left them in too long, and it came out with a very strong vegetal flavor and aroma. Wound up dumping that batch.
  10. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    That should work just fine - there's a ton of good reports that I've seen using that method. Good luck!
  11. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    Just a few minutes ago, which is about 26 hours from when I turned the dehydrator on, I retrieved my dried hops. I then vacuum sealed them and froze them. You can see the 3 trays below, with fully dried hops on them. My 11+ ounces is now under 3 ounces, including the weight of the bag...
  12. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    Once I had picked my fill, I brought them home to dry them. Yesterday I mostly picked from the right hand side, which meant I got predominantly Cascades. I think there's also some Centennial mixed in. I am a lucky man, in that my wife supports my hobby. As a surprise gift earlier this...
  13. xeerohour

    Picking 2013 hops in Tulsa, OK (pictures heavy)

    I know it's early July, but I was able to pick over 11oz of hops yesterday. Oklahoma weather, man. Oklahoma weather. There's more to get, but 11oz was about all I could handle with my small dehydrator. As a bit of background, this is my second year raising hops. Technically the hops...
  14. xeerohour

    Amber Imperial IPA (Inspired by Nugget Nectar Recipes)

    I know it's two months too late, but I stumbled across your post tonight while doing some research for a Nugget based red recipe that I'm trying to formulate. How did this turn out? Looks like it'll be a pretty big beer, with a lot of pine and dank.
  15. xeerohour

    Question about Wyeast Roselare

    So, I've brewed two beers using this yeast - off the same cake. The first one was a fairly standard Flanders Red base (per Mad Fermentationist). I pitched the smackpack, no starter. This was in May, 2011. It sat on that for six months, then in November 2011 I added 3 pounds of cherry puree...
  16. xeerohour

    Planning a trip to Las Vegas and Phoenix.

    Glad I found this thread. I will be in Vegas the weekend at the end of March for my 30th. Glad to see there are some good beer bars.
  17. xeerohour

    Double IPA Dogfish Head 90 Minute Clone

    Just wanted to chime in on this one. Made the recipe as stated on the front page, and dry hopped with 1.5oz each of Simcoe and Amarillo. I do not recommend using S-04 yeast. Even fermented in the low to mid 60s, there's too much fruitiness in this beer, and I don't think it dried out quite...
  18. xeerohour

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Swap and Critique Thread

    Hey CrystallineEntity - having your Rye Saison tonight. That's a good beer, man. Enjoying it quite a bit. Appreciate it.
  19. xeerohour

    12-12-12 Wee Heavy Swap and Critique Thread

    Cromwell, hopefully you aren't referring to me. I'm not sure I ever told you I got yours, but I did. Just haven't had a chance to try the 12-12-12 yet. FWIW, I did really enjoy the T.B.A. Do you know how old that was, btw?
  20. xeerohour

    1800 IPA: Pseudo-historic IPA recipe

    This is an excellent idea - I really like it. Couple things you MAY want to think about - I could be wrong, having not read the book. First, wouldn't it likely be a bit darker malt? Maybe an amber, or something like that? I seem to recall reading somewhere that they weren't able to produce...