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  1. craigbrew

    Indiana 20 gallon Blichmann, quick disconnects, growler filler

    is this still available and will you ship? located in 28638.
  2. craigbrew

    FS: 20G System: Spike MT/BK SSBrewtech 14g FTSs2 Conical, 14g Plastic Ferm

    are the pots still available? are you willing to ship and what would shipping be to 28638?
  3. craigbrew

    13 gal elec HLT ($260), 18.5 gal elec BK ($320), 14.5 gal SS conical ($500); Weymouth, MA

    are you willing to ship? if so can I am interested in the 18 gal boil pot.
  4. craigbrew

    North Carolina 115V Chugger Pump - $80

    Is this still available? I will be in the area for labor day weekend. I'll give you $50 for it.
  5. craigbrew

    30amp panel

    is this wired for 2 pumps? if so I will take it.
  6. craigbrew

    30amp panel

    where are you located? do you know what it would cost to ship to 28638? thanks in advance.
  7. craigbrew

    North Carolina Complete 10 Gallon HERMS Electric System

    I am interested. I live just north of Hickory so I would be able to drive down and pick it up. Let me talk to my brewing partner.
  8. craigbrew

    North Carolina Selling three vessel HERMS system . . .

    If you decide to part out I would be interested in the control panel.
  9. craigbrew

    Want to go electric

    As of now I have a 10 gal system using a keg for boiling, a 15 gal pot for HLT and a 60qt (15gal) cooler mash tun. I have 1 100k banjo burner and 3 30-40k rocket burner. I have a pump and may get another. I was thinking of going electric be cause of heat loss and noise. My brewing area is...
  10. craigbrew

    Georgia Complete Setup - Electric 3-vessel system, grain, hops...

    hey I am in the market for the camlocks that you said you will have to sell. Let me know how many you have and how much you want for them.
  11. craigbrew

    Looking for kegs in NC

    checkout Raleigh Brewing. they have a home-brew store called Atlantic brew supply. Last thanks giving they had a sale and I got 4 for $38 a piece.
  12. craigbrew

    Parting Out a Brutus 10 System

    I'll make an offer on the hoses and the QD. can I get a pic of all that you have so I don't low-ball or overbid. I would be interested in the male QD also.
  13. craigbrew

    Tennessee 4 Tap T - Tower stainless steel head

    did this deal go thru? if not I'm interested
  14. craigbrew

    My brew room/ pub

    so I got some more work done over the weekend. I now consider this one big room. there is no heat in this space and I'm not sure how cold it will be in the winter but I'm sure it will be better than brewing in my garage in the winter in Michigan. I need to insulate the walls I made and put some...
  15. craigbrew

    My brew room/ pub

    Well I have done some more work on this. Weather has been great and it makes it easy to go out and work. I now have the door installed and I am starting to take out the windows in the wall I'm taking down.