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  1. farmbrewernw

    I've gone pro!

    I haven't been spending very much time on HBT as of late, things have been crazy with moving to WA and whatnot. A couple of months ago I started volunteering at a brewery up here and today they offered me a full time position as an assistant brewer. Two months has taught me that brewing is not...
  2. farmbrewernw

    Veg beer

    Oh man last night we went to Atomic Ale here in Richland and I had one of the most awful beers I've had in a while. I ordered the blonde ale (102 last night going for something cool and refreshing) and ended up getting a under atenuated glass of cooked corn. I've heard bad things about their...
  3. farmbrewernw

    Back in the saddle

    Well with moving and all I haven't brewed in a couple of months. You might wonder what I was waiting for, the biggest problem is where I live, right now it's 105, not too good for fermenting. Last week I put together a fermentation cabinet using a air conditioner and a two stage temp...
  4. farmbrewernw

    Moving to Richland WA

    So it looks like my SWMBO has landed a job up in Richland WA. I've been doing some googling on the place and can't find out much about it but that Hanford borders it (I guess I might be making glow in the dark beer from now on). I know there is a member on here from the area but I can't...
  5. farmbrewernw

    Is it just me?

    Or are there a lot of vendors popping up on here lately? Must be a sign of the economic times.
  6. farmbrewernw

    morebeer brewing stimulus act

    Just saw this at MoreBeer Brewing stimulus act
  7. farmbrewernw

    Volumes of CO2

    Can someone explain to me what volumes of CO2 means? I know how to carbonate a beer right I just want to know what the volume means, is it part's per million or a percentage of the liquid, or ????
  8. farmbrewernw

    Oregon Beer Tax Petition

    I just got this from one of the blogs I read, this is a petition to oppose the Oregon Beer Tax increase. Also here is the email of the lead supporter of the bill if you would like to email him, give em hell!!!
  9. farmbrewernw

    Perpetuating the myths of extract homebrewing

    I totally agree with this guys point about the economy of homebrewing but it urks me that he is giving extract brewing the status that you can't make great beer. I have been doing all-grain for some time but I still think that you can make great beer easily using extract when your a new brewer...
  10. farmbrewernw

    Gluten Free Recipe from Deschutes Brewery

    So some time ago I went to the Deschutes Brewery and had the opportunity to try their gluten free beer. I was really impressed as I thought it would be tasteless and thin. As I remember this beer actually had a lot of flavor and a decent body. I have seen that there are a few people on this...
  11. farmbrewernw

    DTV darkness

    So I finally got around to buying a digital converter box this last weekend and guess what my digital reception sucks a big one. I have an antenna mounted to the top of our house so you would think I would have no problem getting a signal, I have always gotten analog crystal clear. So what's...
  12. farmbrewernw

    Squirrel Nut Brown Label

    Kind of a gag label for Christmas.
  13. farmbrewernw

    Craft Beer on NPR

    Just heard this on NPR's Market Place radio show. Red White and Brew
  14. farmbrewernw

    Gotta love Costco

    I scored this at Costco for $21 today :ban:
  15. farmbrewernw

    Give me some Downtown Portland, OR Brewpub recommendations

    I know I Know I'm pathetic but I don't get up to Portland that much, I have only been two a few brewpubs up in Portland and none in downtown. Anyway I'm meeting some friends downtown tomorrow night and I want to find a place with good food, beer, and atmosphere. Any recommendations would be...
  16. farmbrewernw

    Beavers smelling roses?

    So is it to early to talk about OSU going to the Rose Bowl? We still have a couple of games ahead of us, Arizona shouldn't be hard (although you never know) but Oregon could be a heartbreaker. What do you guys think? I think our team looks good this year and could actually pull it off.
  17. farmbrewernw

    Irish Cream Recipe

    What with the holidays coming and the weather cooling down I'm starting to think about Irish Cream again. Any of ya have a good Irish Cream recipe?
  18. farmbrewernw

    Turkey Brine

    I know it's a little early to start thinking of Thanksgiving but I like to plan ahead. Anyone have a good recipe for brining a turkey? I thought I read about someone using hard cider in their brine (could possibly use Edwort's Apfelwein). Also can you deep fry a brined turkey? I had really...
  19. farmbrewernw

    How it makes me hungy!!

    All I got to say is if you are a foodie this is a great site for you. Food Porn
  20. farmbrewernw

    Mold on Freshhop beer

    So last night I go down in the basement to check on my babies (well beer but to me it's my kids) and I see white mold growing on top of my freshhop ale that I had dry hopped with some homegrown dry hops that I picked this year. As it had been a week I went ahead and rack the beer into a keg to...