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  1. millsbrew

    Ocean County NJ group buy #5

    Any chance at another?
  2. millsbrew

    Anyone ever put new wort in just drained fermentor?

    I pitch on to yeast cakes for my sours regularly. I don’t bother with removing any of the yeast. I use the full cake to get a dry second batch for blending. It is not “bad”, just really dry, which I like in my sours. Also, just give it a shake, not pure O2 unless you have a serious blowoff setup.
  3. millsbrew

    WLP568 double ferment???

    Thanks. I knew it was STA1. Didn’t know about the diastaticus. Sucks cuz I was going to do a split batch with Brett C.
  4. millsbrew

    WLP568 double ferment???

    I had this yeast on hand for 3-4 months. I have built up a starter 2 times for 3 batches (basic saison, braggot, and a this batch was a Belgian single). The Belgian single had 22IBU (the highest of the 3 batches) and an OG of 1.050 (the lowest of the 3) which included 0.33# of sugar. The...
  5. millsbrew

    Flanders Red repitch?

    Got my hands on Bootleg Biology Sour Solera. Unfortunately no activity after 24 hours at 68f in the fermentation chamber. Wanted input on what to pitch since clearly I’m not going to get my hands on another from Bootleg. I heard WLP007 is a good sacc for the style and then just get some...
  6. millsbrew

    Is there a way to build a kegerator that can survive outdoors full time?

    Any updates? Edit: also, what’d you do for insulating the liquid lines?
  7. millsbrew

    External wrap/installation for PVC pipe?

    How did you attach this to the freezer/fridge and still make it easy to change kegs?
  8. millsbrew

    Keg fridge in garage

    If you drill a hole in the door of an upright freezer or fridge, how do you suggest insulation for the keg lines to the taps? I want to do PVC but don’t know how I’d switch kegs out if the door has pvc attached to it.
  9. millsbrew

    Ok to call a sour a failure after 8 months?

    I’d try a little bit of oak before blending personally. Reason being is that unless you can keg your sours, I’d worry about bottle bombs from blending. Plus an ounce of oak is way cheaper than 5g of brew.
  10. millsbrew

    Best way to keep hot break and hops out of the plate chiller and fermentor ?

    I use a large stainless steel tea infuser. I used a wire cutter to hole for my dip tube to feed into. I also have a hop spider for IPA/DIPA’s. But the infuser helps a ton with hot break.
  11. millsbrew

    controlling wort collection rate

    I had the same issue. Switched to the blichmann rip tide pumps and they are much easier to have on the same rate (or close enough that only tweak once or twice during my sparge). With the March pumps I was constantly messing with each ball valve for the whole 45 min sparge.
  12. millsbrew

    How to dump trub out of a conical without making a mess

    The point of a conical is let everything settle out. You won’t get off flavors from trub or hops in 10 to 14 days of fermentation. Cold crash after FG and you’ll get everything to solidify at the bottom.
  13. millsbrew

    Pennsylvania 6g, 5g, 3g Glass Carboys

    Thanks. Need a 3g as well. Unfortunately, not worth the drive just for one carboy. edit: nice 2002 by the way.
  14. millsbrew

    Pennsylvania 6g, 5g, 3g Glass Carboys

    Pics? Interested in a 6g and a 3g.
  15. millsbrew

    ITC-308 with a fan

    I figured the surge of 2 freezers at the same time would trip the circuit. I know I won’t need heat. That’s the point of “tricking” the ITC to think it needs heat - aka run the fan all day. F it. I’ll just get the extension cord. Keep it ghetto.
  16. millsbrew

    ITC-308 with a fan

    Thanks. This is my 2nd keezer (for sours) and it’s next to my first keezer. I don’t want them both plugged into same outlet and having the ITC power cord dangling to reach the 2nd outlet looks bad enough, was hoping to not have 2 wires stretching to the other outlet. Maybe I’ll just move the...
  17. millsbrew

    ITC-308 with a fan

    Trying to save an electrical outlet. I want to put a computer fan in my new keezer and I want it to run 24/7 ideally. Without splicing wires if possible. My thought was to use the heating outlet for that. Is there any way to get mess with the differentials so the fan runs 99% of the day except...
  18. millsbrew

    Blichmann kettle help

    Warm PBW did the trick. And then I just soaked the metal pieces in the solution for 25mins. Thanks all for the suggestions. Definitely going to clean these more regularly.
  19. millsbrew

    Blichmann kettle help

    I want to remove this piece to thoroughly clean my 3piece. I must be doing something wrong because it doesn’t want to come off. Don’t want to keep using elbow grease and break something. Turning it with a wrench on both sides isn’t working. Thanks.