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  1. Beerrific

    Adding Brett lambicus to a finished Saison?

    I would do B adding maltodextrin. Keep in mind it might take a while and you might lose the saison character (spice, hibiscus). On second thought, brew it again. Mash higher or add maltodextrin and pitch brett into the secondary.
  2. Beerrific

    competitions and disappointment

    Winning a BJCP competition and having a great beer are two different things. In some cases these can and are one in the same, many times they are not. Also, I am not sure what gives people the impression that once someone is BJCP they are no longer human.
  3. Beerrific

    Can i use this as sanitizer! Please help

    I would not. Quaternary ammonium-based products will destroy the foam stability of your beer. Bleach can be used as no rinse if mixed at the proper concentrations. Or perhaps get some iodophor; it may be a little cheaper than Star San.
  4. Beerrific

    My brother got a DUI. I need advice from those with "experience"...

    Every state is different in terms of what having lawyer can and can't do, but you really should convince your brother to at least sit down with a DUI lawyer and discuss his options. In the long run, begging for or borrowing the cash for lawyer may pay off.
  5. Beerrific

    Flu Shot

    I got my shot at a Publix (grocery store). Pharmacist administered it. Just as easy/routine as a Dr.'s office without all the sick people and the wait. I also go a free turkey for getting it there. All the people I have known in the last few years that have gotten the flu were always of the...
  6. Beerrific

    Freezing Corn Sugar

    As long as it was sealed (meaning no water got in), the freezer would have no effect on its ability to carbonate your beer.
  7. Beerrific

    Headed East; Beer Recommendations please.

    You also have to realize you are right smack in the middle of the Bible Belt. While there is not much competition, there is not that much demand either.
  8. Beerrific

    Headed East; Beer Recommendations please.

    Let's be honest. The (arguably) best beer store in Portland has beer on the shelves. Even the "premium products". It is impossible for a store to have a large selection and keep everything refrigerated (ans stay in business). Where are you in NC? I think Duck Rabbit is the best beer out...
  9. Beerrific

    WTF is up with Taylor Swift?

    We watched it too. Here is how the conversation went... Me: "Who is that?" Her: "Taylor Swift" Me: "Who? Never heard of him." Her: "It is a she and she is pretty famous." Me: "I am going to brush my teeth. Let me know when the countdown starts."
  10. Beerrific

    Belma Hops

    A lot of results here:
  11. Beerrific

    The Walking dead

    I think Glen is the only character I actually still like in this show. Going from that scared kid in Atlanta in season 1 to destroying a walker while bound to a chair is pretty freaking awesome. I can't really be interested in Rick very much as I think this guy is a terrible actor. I really...
  12. Beerrific

    DFH Tweason'Ale recipe guesses?

    I am pretty sure Sam Calagione gives the basic recipe in this interview: .
  13. Beerrific

    The Walking dead

    The zombie virus makes them not have to poop and stops the grass from growing. Duh.
  14. Beerrific

    The Walking dead

    Thank you. My thoughts exactly. If you have read the comics, good for you. Keep your mouth shut. And if they do, why not start another thread? Then you can talk about everything you want and not have to worry about possibly spoiling it for us that just have enough time to keep up with the show.
  15. Beerrific

    The Walking dead

    Spoiler alert: I have put huntingohio on ignore.
  16. Beerrific

    The Walking dead

    There was a long-ish brown hair in his mouth and a body-sized trail of blood over to his location. I assumed he was going to cut open the zombie's stomach and get a ring or necklace or something that would make it obvious he had eaten her.
  17. Beerrific

    Quality control for micro breweries

    One step in the process that has a very large impact on hop character (BUs, flavor/aroma; and SRM to perhaps a lesser extent) is the vigorousness of fermentation. If a brewery is not pitching a consistent amount of yeast, this could be an issue.
  18. Beerrific


    Skunking comes from expose to light not heat. Oxidation flavors (such as cardboard) become more evident after exposoure to heat. Did it taste sour to you? Why do you think this guy knows what sour beer tastes like vs. it is just a malty brown ale? Heat up another bottle and taste it...
  19. Beerrific

    Belma Hops

    You are right. The price per alpha is really good on this hop. Worth trying for flavor/aroma, and if you don't like it, you can just use it as a bittering hop. I bought some Bravo hops from Hops Direct many years ago (first place I ever heard of it). I really wanted it to be the next...
  20. Beerrific

    The Walking dead

    Does not surprise me. He does one of the worst fake southern accents I have ever heard.