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  1. Champurrado

    2010 washed yeast

    Does not smell bad. Is 16 months too long to keep a jar of washed yeast in the ice box? Thanks.
  2. Champurrado

    Johnson Temp Control Settings

    Anyone know how to set this thing up? Instructions not so clear. This one is the digital 419 I set it up to cut off at 62 degrees but it's flashing 168 degrees. Not cutting off at 62 degrees Thanks
  3. Champurrado

    Woe is me....

    I've been all grain brewing for a few years now - time flies. And although my aspirations are high, my results, at least to me, don't meet my standards. I have many fans who expertly blow warm air where the sun don't shine for a bottle or two of my brew. I doubt their sincerity or their taste...
  4. Champurrado

    Yeast from my favorite Brewery

    Brewery was generous enough to give me a pint of yeast from the fermenter. I brought along a sanitized mason jar. It's in the fridge now. I plan on making a starter in a few days for a brew on July 3rd. This will be an all grain starter - I made one with DME last time and didn't like the...
  5. Champurrado

    Small Wort Batch

    I have lots of leftover grain from earlier brews. I want to make a starter without using DME. Anyone have a mini-batch recipe I can use to make a litre or two of wort for this? Gracias.
  6. Champurrado

    Final Gravity

    I know, sounds like a cheap science fiction novel. But really, what's the normal ratio/relation between OG and FG. Most of my beers have finished at about 1.010. I'm ready to bottle a beer that was mashed at a very high temp - 160F and recipe says FG shoulod be 1.018 - 1.020. If my OG...
  7. Champurrado

    Whacky strike Temp Calculations

    Why do different strike temp calculators yield such a variety of answers when programmed with the same variables? I'm getting ready to brew on the 10th (Yeah, I know, about time I worked out the numbers earlier than when the liquor pot is on the fire) and as an experiment plugged all my numbers...
  8. Champurrado

    Accidentally smacked my smack pack

    So I smacked my smack pack and I'm not ready for it until this weekend. Can I juist keep it in the fridge until I'm ready to use it?
  9. Champurrado

    Hops Alpha Acid Percentages

    Sometimes when a recipe calls for a certain Alpha Acid percentage in the Hops I have to make due with either a higher percentage hops or lower percentage hops from my Home Brew Supplier. Is there a quick and dirty calculator to convert the amount of hops necessary to achieve the same IBU with...
  10. Champurrado

    Beersmith Muddle

    I grew up using a slide rule, what can I say..... I bought Beersmith and frankly, I'm generally happy with the tools and calculators. What I can't seem to grasp fully is the basic operation of the damn thing. For example - I have a 10 gallon Igloo cooler/7.5 gallon kettle and although I...
  11. Champurrado

    Irish Red is Brown, flat and Cloudy

    Tried a bottle of the Irish Red I brewed using Zymurgy's recipe from a few issues ago. Hit all my temps, volumes and gravity readings. Fermented at 68 even for three weeks. Did not rack to secondary. Bottled with recommended 1/2 cup priming sugar. The taste is fine but what's with the murky...
  12. Champurrado

    Can I roast crushed grain?

    I'd like to roast my own grain. I don't have a grain crusher (I usually buy it crushed and have had great results). Can I roast crushed grain without ruining it? Thanks.
  13. Champurrado

    BeerSmith makes me crazy

    All I want to do is figure out how much sparge water I need for zymurgy's Better Red Than Dead recipe and honest to Gawd, I can't do it on Beersmith. I know I need 16 quarts for the mash. I need to end up with 7.5 gallons pre-boil. Why can't I figure out how much water to bring to 170...
  14. Champurrado

    Reverse Engineering Imperial Ale

    So far here's what I got: Beer Style: Imperial Pale Ale Hop Variety: Magnum, Cascade Malt Variety: Two-Row Pale, C-150, Dark Munich, Honey Malt OG: 1.076 Alcohol By Volume: 8.75% IBU's: 65 Color: Bright Amber You might recognize this as the description Avery Brewing gives on its...
  15. Champurrado

    Dry Hop Riddle

    My recipe calls for .75 Oz. Cascade Dry Hopped. I don't usually rack to a secondary for low gravity Ales. This one finishes fermenting in 4 weeks. At what point during fermentation do I throw in .75 oz. of Cascade pellets? I'm thinking after two weeks. That way the batch gets the benifit of...
  16. Champurrado

    Avery Ale to the Chief

    What a wonderful surprise. Stomping off to The Gate on a cold Sunday afternoon to watch the Celtics I came across a magnificent Ale. Avery's Ale to the Chief hit on every sensory button available to Human Kind. The rush of Hops with each sip floored me. Sceptical of the first pint, I ordered...
  17. Champurrado

    12 degrees, Brooklyn, NY, I'm Brewing

    Started early this morning and at this point I have about 7 gallons boiling away on the Bayou Classic. Anyone else Ice Brewing?
  18. Champurrado

    2nd AG Brew Day Lessons learned

    Brewed Centennial per Mr. Bier Muncher's recipe today. Thanks to all who contributed their wisdom regarding strike temperatures, mashing schedules, sparge styles and pre-boil volume calculations. Thanks especially to Mr. Pol for his suggestion that the temperature of the water coming out of...
  19. Champurrado

    Calculations for my 2nd AG batch

    I'll be jumping in again this Sunday making Mr. BierMuncher's Centennial. How do my calculations look? 8.75 lbs of grain. 1.26/1 ratio for strike (11 qts. at 164.3 to achieve 150 degree mash in preheated 10 gallon cooler MLT for 60 minutes. 5 gallons for sparging (split into 2...
  20. Champurrado

    Beer Smith Help