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  1. day_trippr

    Ice crusher motor for mill?

    Just guessing from my ice maker but I'm guessing the shaft speed is somewhere less than 20 rpm. Wouldn't even want to hazard a guess as to torque, but at that shaft speed torque doesn't matter ;) Cheers!
  2. day_trippr

    Kegco Mill?

    I have to laugh because the Cereal Killer mill I bought a year and a half ago is still sporting the blue plastic film on the base bin. When it arrived I tried peeling a corner off the bin and the degree of resistance indicated I was facing a chore best avoided if possible. I think it looks cool...
  3. day_trippr

    NEIPA looks oxidized everytime, but

    fwiw, I often use Golden Promise (it's one of my go-to base malts) for neipas. I've also used Weyermann pils 50/50 with Breiss two row, and 100% Rahr two row. The style is all about the hops so you can get away with all kinds of uber low L° base malts... Cheers!
  4. day_trippr

    Question for all the vintage refrigerator restorers....

    I dunno, that looks like a generic "care and use" guide. I'm not seeing anything in the thumbnails that suggests there's technical content, and as I don't think being able to switch hinges and handles to go from right-opening to left-opening was possible I have a feeling disconnecting those...
  5. day_trippr

    The Dysfunctional-Palooza Obnoxious Masshole BS Thread

    lol! That's pretty funny right there :D
  6. day_trippr

    Kegging my first beer this weekend, have some questions

    I always do the Star San purge. All of my kegs have full length dip tubes with the ends properly located in the keg wells, and I can say there's barely a teaspoon of sanitizer left behind. No other method is going to be as effective. Certainly not a procedure that involves opening the lid. As...
  7. day_trippr

    Spider spray and my gear

    Nuke it from orbit? :D I leave all of the ball valves on my 3v2p rig half open, which enables the creepy thought some buggy entity could find their way inside. That said, I've never had the rig yak up a spider or any other critter. But should similar circumstances as the above ever occur here...
  8. day_trippr

    NEIPA looks oxidized everytime, but

    Cardboard or sherry characters happen at the terminal state of oxidized beer. Before that is loss of hop aroma, followed by loss of hop flavor, followed by a trend toward a sweeter character. THEN comes the rest of the horrors. The browning starts right at the beginning as well - by the time the...
  9. day_trippr

    1st all grai, my OG was off

    Adding sugar would indeed raise the effective OG - even if you added it post-pitch. Your original recipe at 5.5 gallons to the fermenter would have been 1.059 without the half pound of sugar. At an actual OG of 1.044, adding the sugar would bring the 5.5 gallons up to 1.048. That's a reasonable...
  10. day_trippr

    New pH probe reading 7.03 no matter what I'm testing

    I would interpret Martin's post exactly so... Cheers!
  11. day_trippr

    Reflections on My Sixth Brew Day

    hahahaha! Yikes! :D
  12. day_trippr

    Trunk line cooling

    Before you make assumptions about line length make sure you're not setting yourself up for epic frustration. Reference the only beer line length calculator worth using and plug in your particulars - and most importantly, beer line ID - and see what pops out. 7-8 feet of 3/16" ID beer line will...
  13. day_trippr

    New post a picture of your pint

    Oxygen truly hates neipas...
  14. day_trippr

    [Version 2 Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    Greetings, @zrdelong, and welcome to the forums at HomeBrewTalk! :mug: I'm just guessing that you are trying to use the original RaspberryPints kit and installation procedure from the repository linked from raspberrypints.com (feel free to correct me if I am in error on that). Unfortunately the...
  15. day_trippr

    White head/bubbles on top of fermenting beer

    Yup, it's that simple... Cheers!
  16. day_trippr

    Equally Obnoxious Hockey Trash Talk Thread, eh?

    %#@&! I'm gonna have to get in shape quick! :D Cheers!
  17. day_trippr

    Reflections on My Sixth Brew Day

    Congrats on your first brew day! :mug: It reads like it went quite well! Comments: 1 - consider using a brew day tool like "BeerSmith" to help with things like strike water temperature. Using it, and taking an average IR temperature reading of my MLT/FB, and separately getting a grain...
  18. day_trippr

    New post a picture of your pint

    "Juicy Bits" neipa clone...
  19. day_trippr

    [Version 2 Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    Clone your working SD cards, folks. It's easy to do since the Org started bundling a live-cloning utility with the Jessie kit...