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    Do scallops taste fishy?

    serve 'em raw. If you cook a scallop you ruin it. Matt
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    What do you do for a living?

    Avionics Chief in the Navy-I do paperwork and paperwork about the paperwork I did before and go to meetings about the paperwork I may or may not be doing next week.
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    Beer Tattoos

    One of my Dad's friends has BEER written across his huge beer gut.
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    Green Tea Weizen

    I have added loose japanese green tea powder while chilling my wort as the temp gets drops below 180. Worked great, with subtle flavors.
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    Scuba tanks as oxygen source for wort

    I use ds4 and diverites. Easy to rebuild/get parts for.
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    Black Chocolate Stout - Heaven in a glass

    ahs has a clone as well.
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    How old is too old; your age?

    29 and two back, one hand and two elbow surgeries already....i'm gonna be super grumpy when I get old! Plus I have some sweet scars!
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    To Rack or Not To Rack?

    hope you used a blow off tube or you may come back to a nice mess for your significant other to bitch about!
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    Scuba tanks as oxygen source for wort

    I use a scuba tank with o2. If you have an IP gauge you can adjust the lp pressure down to pretty much whatever you want. You can pick up a gauge at for 30 bucks or so and rig a stone to it. Not the most economical way to go....but I already had about 15 tanks and countless 1st...
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    Dogfish Head 90 or 120 min clone?

    ahs has a double IPA that is pretty tasty and has a similar rich/mouth feel to the 90min IPA. Slightly diffrent taste though.
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    Durnk on hombrew

    "Drunk on Homebrew" "Homebrew, it makes ya drunk!" some of the best quotes ever! Lets make bumperstickers!
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    is it ruined

    I did an extract lager that never started! Last Fri (5Dec) I brewed and left early in the morning on saturday. When I came home this morning I still had my original gravity reading and no sign of fermintation. It was at 41 degrees the entire time. Is it too late to try some new yeast? Matt
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    AHBS Double IPA

    Tasty! Similar mouth feel as DFH 90min IPA with a bit more hops. Forgot to put a blowoff tube in my carboy and made a huge mess in my fermintor.
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    Kinda Cheesy but.....

    That looks like Kung Fu on NES, my first game outside of Mario Brothers. Hell ya
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    SWMBO - is Preggers!!!!

    Found out today my wife is at about 6 weeks! Crap! Twins! Crap! Just joking I can't wait but will have the big "V" scheduled shortly after birth. I will blame the twins factor on my new hobby I took up in the last year....homebrewing! New headline...Homebrewing Alcohol=Twins.... Matt
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    God damn you ed wort! I had about 18 servings of ed worts apfelweins (I made) two nights ago and it still hurts...when will it end? Man I love this ****!
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    Name my dog - Golden Retriever

    One of my dog's name is BOOZE! The exclamation point always follows his name...even on vet documents. The other dog's name is the comercial or green stuff they put on sushii.
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    What is your claim to fame?

    I've been in the police blotter a time or two in more than one town/city. My name has been in Navy Times a few times as well.
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    DFH 120 minute clone?

    How about just a DFH 90 min recipe? I tried the 60 min recipe that is in the recipe section and keep it on tap. Matt
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    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    I just pulled the original recipe out of a 10 gal oak barrel, previous used for a homemade port). Best thing I have ever tasted...maybe some homemade pride in there. I used the dme recipe and dry hopped 2 weeks prior two kegging. Matt