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    American Pale Ale Cascades / Orange Pale Ale

    I just got done brewing this for the second time. What a great beer! I cant wait!
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    Chicago May 11th - 15th

    Ill be in wrigleyville for Thursday night for the Cubs game... how far is Map room or hopleaf from there? I'd be down to meet up with some ppl, Ill be seeing a show that night too!
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    The Clearest Beer Ever...

    that black and white would be sweet if you could get the beer's color through, while keeping the background b+w!
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    Roof-top Hops

    my mother (works at a greenhouse for 10 years) says this about vines... 1st year they sleep, 2nd year they creep, 3rd year they leap. ive been told that hops dont produce much at all the first season.
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    What does SMaSH stand for

    Sexual Moccasins Are Seductively Hot I am proud of myself for that one.
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    Music Match

    Waiting on a Friend - The Rolling Stones
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    I've got some cranberry "extract". What should I do with it?

    one vote for each...hmm. im gonna check back later and whichever one has more - ill do.
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    I've got some cranberry "extract". What should I do with it?

    I stumbled on about a pint of sugary cranberry "extract" while dehydrating some cranberries today. You halve them, let them sit for 24 hrs in sugar and they leave behind a sweet, thick juice - something I hadn't expected. Now I haven't measured gravity yet, but I know the juice is thick and...
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    Question on this GE fridge

    ah-ha! Just got some time to work on this and bent the "freezer" plate down as per morotorium's suggestion, and it fits perfect. Not pretty, but it will get the job done! Thanks!
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    Question on this GE fridge

    its a thin metal plate, but it has (what im guessing) are freon lines in it for the freezer. the manual calls it the "evaporator"
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    Question on this GE fridge

    Im just trying to see if anyone has ever converted a General electric mini-fridge (model #TAX4DNCAWH)to a kegerator? I just picked up a 1990-somthin' GE mini fridge for free. A corny will almost fit in it, it just needs like another 1/2'' of head space...Its got a freezer compartment, and the...
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    Best Results For Fruit Flavoring In Beer?

    Yeah, you rinse well and "pasteurize" 'em in 160 degree water for awhile (10 mins, someone said). You dont want bacteria and pesticides in your beer! Hope this helps.
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    This istoastbrew

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