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  1. My Single tier Brewery

    My Single tier Brewery

  2. Stag Brewery

    Stag Brewery

    Single Tier Brew stand HERMS Boil Kettle, Mash Tun with false bottom, HLT With 50ft .5 inch copper tubing, 2 march pumps, Therminator Blichmann wort chiller, Blichmann AutoSparger, Quick Disconnects and 500 deg tubing
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    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Nice Prizes, 2013 I could use a lucky win!!!
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    Glass vs plastic

    I use both, I have 6 gal glass carboys and 25 gal plastic drums that were olive barrels. Half inch drill bit drill a hole in the top and get rubber grommets from lowes cheap. I can brew 10 gal batches, ferment and move over to another 10 gal carboy for conditioning. Can purchase on eBay, Oh...