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  1. Jimmeh

    Bells 2 hearted clone

    Hey dudes. Check this site out: Use extract and steep some crystal 20 or 40 (maybe 0.5 - 0.75lb?). Go hard on the late hops and dry hops. Its a hoppy beer! :mug:
  2. Jimmeh

    Using cascades for a bittering hop?

    Cascades have wonderful flavor and aroma. Why waste them as a bittering hop? The flavours & aromas will be boiled off. Get a nice general purpose bittering hop (e.g Magnum) and save your Cascades for the late additions :)
  3. Jimmeh

    Check My Recipe

    if you want to keep it crisp, drop the crystal to 1/2 - 3/4lb and mash LOW like 149 - 150F. also drop the candi sugar.. thats a weird addition for this kind of recipe
  4. Jimmeh

    Pointers on brewing Asian (Chinese, Japanese) style lagers

    Hi J8D I think drop the crystal and you will be closer. Most of these dry lagers do not have any crystal in them. Something like this would be nice i think: 70% Pils malt 30% Rice Mash really low like 148/149F for 90mins and boil for 90mins Hop to about 20ibu's cheers
  5. Jimmeh

    GRI Mag drive pump

    according to these links, Ryton appears to be safe for hot liquids and food safe: but i could be wrong
  6. Jimmeh

    The Jamil Show--Tasty's SN Celebration Clone

    thats a good point
  7. Jimmeh

    The Jamil Show--Tasty's SN Celebration Clone

    maybe I misheard but I swear he said 1/2lb per bbl for dry hopping and 2:1 ratio. so for a 6 gal batch: 8oz/31.5gal = 0.254oz per gallon 0.254oz x 6 gallon = 1.52oz of centennial 1.52oz x 2 = 3.04oz of cascade Does that sound right? Cheers
  8. Jimmeh

    Brewing up an Ordinary Bitter

    I think drop the carapils and special B because its really out of place in an english beer. The crystal 40 will be ok, but for authenticity, use some Simpsons, Bairds or Thomas Fawcett english crystal.
  9. Jimmeh

    Maris Otter/Cascade SMaSH

    Looks mighty tasty mate! I'd be tempted to move that 20min addition a bit later for more aroma & flavor. Like: 1oz @ 10min 1oz @ 0min You'd have to increase your bittering addition slightly. Other than that, looks good! Cheers, Jim
  10. Jimmeh

    Bells Two Hearted IPA Recipe - comments?

    Just increase your 60 minute addition to match the ibu's and leave everything else the same
  11. Jimmeh

    Dry Stout for st. patty's day?

    Here's what I'm doing Dry Stout Original Gravity (OG): 1.045 Colour (SRM): 36.1 Bitterness (IBU): 38.6 70% Maris Otter Malt (Bairds) 20% Flaked Barley 7% English Roasted Barley (Bairds) 3% English Chocolate malt (Bairds) 2.6 g/l East Kent Golding (4.7% Alpha) @ 90 Minutes...
  12. Jimmeh

    Strong roasted stout recipe ....

    yeah dont worry about the carapils or patent. what you want falls in to the American Stout category methinks. This is wahat Jamil Z. does and its awesome: 6gal/70% eff o.g. 1.072 15.0lb 2-row 1.00lb roast barley 0.75lb chocolate malt 0.75lb crystal 40 whatever hops @ 60 Whatever hops @ 5...
  13. Jimmeh

    Session APA Recipe formulation w/ FWH

    waaay too complex for a session apa IMO. Do you like beers like SNPA and Mirror Pond? They only use 2-row + Crystal. For the hopping, using all that cascade and centennial for bittering is such a waste and arnt the best hops for bittering as they can be a bit harsh... i recommend Horizon or...
  14. Jimmeh

    Please Help me dialing this Porter in

    I agree with adx, the recipe is a bit over complicated. But in regards to your roasted malts, I think you should remove the roasted barley because it doesn't belong in a porter and I think you should make is 0.5lb chocolate malt and maybe 0.25lb Carafa. If you are interested, here is a recipe...
  15. Jimmeh

    Pale Ale-Mirror Pond

    i reckon go for it. It will be interesting to see what that Belgian 2-row is like
  16. Jimmeh

    Pale Ale-Mirror Pond

    Looks like a good recipe, but it will be nothing like Mirror Pond if thats what you are going for
  17. Jimmeh

    Rogue Yellow Snow IPA clone

    Maris Otters is a nice malt, but judging by their other recipes, I doubt they use it. I'm pretty certain theyd use a northwestern 2-row pale malt. Also, your recipe would need more late hops. Something like this perhaps: o.g. 1.061 ibu: 70 (my efficiency is 75%, so adjust your basemalt to...
  18. Jimmeh

    Free Cascades?

    I'm with Yankeehillbrewer. Use a hop you know the alpha acid of for bittering and then use all your home grown hops for flavour & aroma. How do the Cascades taste anyway? are they like Oregon's finest?
  19. Jimmeh

    Fresh Cascades & Stout??!?!

    Rogue Shakespeare stout and Chocolate stout use 100% Cascade
  20. Jimmeh

    anybody catch the Mirror Pond recipe on CYBI?

    I was a little confused about the hops as well! This is what I came up with (in metric units!): Batch size: 23L Efficiency: 75% Mash at: 65/66 deg C OG: 1.052 FG: 1.013 (shooting for) IBU: 38.7 (Tinseth) EBC: ~20 (9.5 SRM) Grains: 4.60 kg Pale (my local stuff is ~3 SRM) - 91.5% 0.35 kg...